Friday Poem: 1861

Was it a past life memory, triggered by a music video, or was it just my fevered imagination?
Who can say for sure either way?
It was vivid, visceral, and it gave me this poem.


(To the tune of “Horses”, by Palace)

I have seen a deciduous forest
Like the one where we once died
You were dying as I held you
You were bleeding from your side.

I feel cold as I remember
I was leaning on a tree
And your scarlet blood was soaking
Through the sodden, fallen leaves.

We were left there in the morning
All we knew was how to die
I could not bear to leave you
You were staring at the sky.

Someone came to claim my duty
I would not relinquish you
He raised his firearm and killed me
I did not let go of you.

It is long ago our bodies
Cooled and stiffened in that wood
But I’m glad that I remember
I did not let go of you.

leaves +1


Weekly Photography Challenge: The World Through My Eyes

I guess every photograph is an attempt in some way to show the world through one’s own eyes.  I went to Perth for a few days of visiting Zoe and Matt (and their three cats), and my camera came along too, and got a good workout. Some of these shots were taken at the Uni of WA campus, a few in (frosty) Ballarat on the morning I left. I had a scant hour to fill before the airport shuttle took me on the next bit of the trip, so I took the camera for a walk…I also had an early morning walk around Subiaco, with camera in hand…

Friday Poem: Free Art

Dull walls
of the built environment
decorated for free.

An army of street artists
risked their freedom
and their lives
To bring you this.

Just paint on a wall  It worked! I posted a poem on Friday last, and wrote a new one on the Saturday!Love graffitiAll along the railway line, from Melbourne to the suburbs, artists and others had decorated the walls and fences.Seattle sheep graf

I didn’t get photos from the train, so I’m sharing a few images of street art “prepared earlier”, from Brunswick, a postcard image of  graffiti, and a sticker on a bin in Seattle (round the corner from the Hurricane Cafe).

Weekly Photography Challenge: Curves

The world is full of curves. They are completely natural, and so pleasing to the eye that we make more for ourselves, in buildings and crafted objects. The basket work building is both craft object and building! A team of helpers assisted a master basket maker to produce it, using cuttings from willow trees removed from along waterways, where they grow as a weed. It had a number of ‘rooms’, and was big enough to hold a dozen or more people, and it was full of beautiful curves. The ‘real’ buildings are both in Aberdeen, Washington –  a public library and a ‘mansion’, both curvaceous. The piece of knitting uses a simple stitch pattern that produces curves.