Weekly Photography Challenge: In The Background II

I missed this one when I made my weekly post…eye-spy

That’s me (and my old faithful -now defunct- film camera) reflected in my daughter’s iris.


Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/05/28/daily-prompt-name/#like-26829Self Portrait With Posters

This “Self Portrait” dates back a few years, and all those posters and clippings  aren’t on that wall any more – some of them were upcycled into framed collages -but it still says “Sukie!” as far as I am concerned.

Weekly Photography Challenge: In The Background


Two of the reflective photos were taken in Aberdeen, Washington. Judy’s Flea Market is a treasure house of assorted stuff, but it was closed, and I had to content myself with photos through the window – which inadvertently included me.

The shadow was in Melbourne, around Southbank, the rest, at home, playing with my camera…

Three More Quotes: Two Monks and a Poet

Love beads“Today, more than ever, we need to recognize that the gift of solitude is not ordered to the acquisition of strange contemplative  powers, but, first of all, to the recovery of one’s deep self, and to the renewal of an authenticity which is presently twisted out of shape by the pretentious routines of a disordered togetherness.”
Thomas Merton
‘Contemplation in a World of Action’Banksia

” Our enemy is not the other person, no matter what he or she has done. If we look deeply into ourselves, we can see that their act was a manifestation of our collective consciousness. We are all filled with violence, hatred and fear, so why blame someone whose upbringing was without love or understanding?”
Thich Nhat HanhPeace Love Empathy

“We dance round in a ring and suppose
But the secret sits in the middle , and knows.”
Robert Frost

Tower window

Because Peace Love Empathy (understanding) are much of what make life livable and worth the effort.

Maybe that’s the secret…

And it’s good to spend time alone, “navel-gazing”, if you like, because it we don’t understand ourselves, what hope have we of understanding anyone else?DSCF5887

Weekly Photography Challenge: Escape

This one had me puzzled for a while…Nirvana shelf Music of the moment

but then, I thought, escape doesn’t have to be physical.Mixed media and assemblages Suddenly, escape hatches opened up all over the house!Work in progress Art supplies (tiny sample)

My music collection, my studio, shelves full of books

Book corner, with art and cds..

and a small mound of yarn…Knitting corner.

all means of escape from the dull realities of everyday life.BDO Offshore

A music Festival is also mighty fine escape mechanism, although I must admit that as my body ages, the prospect of 12 hours on foot in the middle of thousands of younglings  is becoming less attractive.
That said, seeing At The Drive-In is one of the high-lights of my life!