Weekly Photography Challenge: Alphabet

One of the first things we all learnt as toddlers was the alphabet, and this week’s photography challenge is to share images that include a string of letters.

The sign is beside a big Bunyah pine tree in North Perth, where my daughter Zoe used to live. I experienced a little frisson of dread every time I walked past it! The cones of this species are roughly the size of a football (pick your favourite code).

The rest of my choices are of graffiti – three under a famous bridge in Aberdeen, Washington state, where Nirvana fans have written their (mostly) loving tributes to Kurt Cobain. This was more than four years ago, so it will be different now.

The brick wall and many-layered old posters were in Perth, and the large piece in a lane off Sydney Road, Brunswick (Melbourne).It really is only paint on a wall…Although often very stylised and haed to read, there is a strong tradition of letters and words in street art. Click on any image for a better view.

Friday Poem: Free Art

Dull walls
of the built environment
decorated for free.

An army of street artists
risked their freedom
and their lives
To bring you this.

Just paint on a wall  It worked! I posted a poem on Friday last, and wrote a new one on the Saturday!Love graffitiAll along the railway line, from Melbourne to the suburbs, artists and others had decorated the walls and fences.Seattle sheep graf

I didn’t get photos from the train, so I’m sharing a few images of street art “prepared earlier”, from Brunswick, a postcard image of ¬†graffiti, and a sticker on a bin in Seattle (round the corner from the Hurricane Cafe).