Friday Poem:Oberon

How is it Friday again already? Since we are in for another 3 days of 40ish temperatures, here’s a poem set in a cool, forested place by the sea…kalimna falls

I will weave for you
A diadem of lilies
And place it on your
Shining golden head.

I will cut for you a wand,
A branch of cedar
To complement your
Lovely emerald wings.

I will build for you
A perfumed woodland bower;
Strew flowers at your feet
And in your hands.

I will take your arm
And lead you to your kingdom,
Where crazy forests climb
Down to the sea.

I will raise a flag for you,
Declare your country
All this –
What will you do for me?

moth 1At the top, Kalimna Falls, in the Grampians National Park (no where near the sea…), and at the bottom, the wings of a tiny jade green moth – back lit, because it was on the kitchen window at night.

Artist Scrapbook

I had planned on one post on this scrappy scrapbook, but after editing 26 photos, which are only a sample of the pages, I’ve decided to make it a series instead.scrapbook 1

I decided that ‘scrap’ was the operative word when I made this – using scrap cardboard for covers, and mainly pre-used papers for pages. A collection of scraps make up the contents – newspaper clippings, old photos, receipts for precious things (CDs, mainly!) . Archival, it is not…. I aim to share two or three pages every Wednesday, until I run out…

scrapbook25Overall, the “Sukie’s Life’s  Journey” artist scrapbook is a non-linear, very scrappy chronicle of a period in my life of blossoming change and a happy discovery of great music, and freedom and joy. scrapbook26

On the cover, one of my late sister’s earrings, an old Christmas deco, and a cheap enamel butterfly brooch. The label of a scrap booking product conveniently redacted and altered, becomes part of the title… More next week.


Weekly Photography Challenge: Juxtaposed

morgen in bedThis weeks photography challenge is “Juxtaposition” –   “the act of placing things side by side, especially for the purpose of comparison or contrast”, which is a fun topic, open to interpretation. I guess that’s why it’s such a favourite and much used word in “artist’s statements”…sounds good, could mean anything…juxtaposed

Such as, a piece of lace, and an on-going textile project juxtaposed  over the glass panel of a door, and backlit by the setting sun.

cornflowersOr perhaps one Johny-Jump-Up in a tiny jug of cloud

Less cheery, this is a view of High Street Ararat (not her best angle, admittedly), with the juxtaposition of the fire cloud from a very large bushfire in the Grampians. I took it with my phone on my way to work 17/01/2014. Later that day, with wind changes, burnt leaves and bark, and ash, from the fire fell around our house, fortunately all cold. A lot of houses were burnt in the Wartook Valley, but Hall’s Gap, evacuated in the afternoon, was lucky, yet again, and was open for business by the following week end.

Friday Poem: Let Go

sunset shadowIt can be hard, being a parent. Kids grow up, develop minds of their own, go off into the world, and sometimes do things that we’d much rather they didn’t…sunset 2

You see him falling,
And you want to catch her,
Hold him in your arms
And keep her safe;
But he slips through your fingers,
Past your feet,
and down into the darkness
Where you cannot go.
Yet she is safe,
Even in the lower darkness.

To love without reserve,
And then let go,
Is the hardest lesson;
But nothing is lost in God,
And there is nowhere
That God is not.

However high you fly,
Or low you fall,
You are in God;
There is nowhere
That God is not.

You, the mother with empty arms,
And also the fallen child
In outer darkness
Are both quite safe
And in the arms of God,
For there is nowhere
That God is not.sunsetThese photos were taken last night from Carol’s Cutting, between Ararat and Moyston, where there is a magnificent view of the Grampians. Not ‘great’ photos, as I only had my phone with me, but definitely worth pulling off the road to take them. Driving at dusk, I should be on kangaroo-watch, but I kept forgetting, and looking at the sky instead…glorious!

Weekly Photography Challenge: Family

Rather than come up with a picture of my family, I’m posting a series of photos I took recently of my family’s old truck. It has been in the family for roughly as long as I have, but as you can see, it’s been out of action for many years. Dad made me my own little seat between the other two when I was very small. I remember the heat of the engine, close to my feet. We made long trips in it, camping in the mountains when Dad was working near Mansfield. I wasn’t very old, and don’t remember it at all, unfortunately!

As you can see, it has seen better days. Last time I saw it, it was wedged amongst trees that had grown around it in its long idleness. It has now been pulled out into the open, but still wears plenty of evidence of those years in the trees, not to mention the growth of lichen, and the cobwebs, and the rust. Poor old Commer, it sure needs a lot of love…

Friday Poem: As I Was Walking Down Hobart Street

I wrote this in November, a hot sunny day in Perth, where I was staying with my daughter, her partner and little Juniper (and the three cats). They’ve all moved to Canberra now – on Wednesday, a hot sunny day in most of Australia’s South East – so I will probably never walk along Hobart street ever again, in any weather…

A cabby leans on his cab
Killing time
Nearby on the footpath
A discarded cigarette packet
– “Smoking Kills”

A little girl with her scooter –
She’s not scooting
She’s dragging it
on a lead
“Do you have to go so slow”
Says Mum
Metres aheadSteeples

Weekly Photography Challenge: Windows II

boothMore windows – these are not the most attractive specimens – just two functional holes in a functional brick bunker, which I presume is for ticket sales, since it sits just outside the entrance gate of Alexandra Oval, in Ararat.

These two are old windows that still sort of function, but also provide some wabi-sabi decoration in our BBQ shelter/under cover clothesline.

And these two are from the inside – one small, high window displaying old bottles, the other covered in multiple layers of textile in an effort to keep out some of the heat. We got to over 44 C  yesterday – that’s over 111 F. HOT, in other words…I only went outside to make sure there was plenty of water for the many heat stressed birds in the garden.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Windows

This weeks Photo Challenge theme is ‘Windows’. I was going to trawl through my files for old pics, but then I went in our bathroom, and got a bit carried away with the sight of all my pretties, including numerous sea horses, in the shadow box on the window sill. It’s a HOT day today (40 C – 104 F ), so the window is strongly back lit, even though it faces south (that’s away from the sun down here…) Here is a gallery of the whole window, some details, and, finally, the window seen in a mirror…

You can see I had fun with this…And I have a few more window pics for later in the week. If I don’t melt first – we expect hotter in the next few days.

Friday Poem: Song Chain

you could do anythingYears ago, in Montreal,
A lonesome Leonard Cohen
Walked up and down in a room,
Singing Hank  Williams.

After twenty or thirty years,
Alone in an apartment in Olympia,
Kurt Cobain, aged twenty,
Sang Leonard Cohen songs
All night.

Another twenty or thirty years have passed,
And somewhere in the world
Someone sits in a bedroom
Alone with a guitar,
Singing the songs
of Kurt Cobain.

And in another generation,
Perhaps, somewhere another someone
Will sit, or walk, alone in a room
And sing that someone’s songs.

Pear St house

The top picture is a tiny (7 by 10 cm) pen & water colour I did last week, and am really happy with. I won’t show you the failures! The bottom pic is of the house in Olympia in which Kurt Cobain lived, and at some point, sang Leonard Cohen songs to himself.
Looking through the photos from our trip, I felt so homesick(?), I just want to go back NOW…!