Creativity: Escape XXIV

DSCF9437 (Large)

I’m not sure where I cut this quote from, or who is being quoted, which is very remiss of me, but I glued it into my altered book, “Escape” because I liked what was said. It hides under a photo of a red poppy, printed on vellum and hinged with silvery duct tape. The translucence of the vellum allows the text on the page beneath to be vaguely visible.

DSCF9435 (Large)


I keep an eye out for interesting papers on which to print images as well as to use for making hand made books. Cheap shops sometimes have really good stuff, if you’re lucky and quick. I once bought 100% cotton rag copy paper in the Reject Shop, which photos print on beautifully. If only I’d known, I would have bought every pack they had…

DSCF9436 (Large)

Behind the flower is this wonderful quote –  I found it in a book of artworks by musicians, which I borrowed from a library. Work by Chris and Curt Kirkwood, the “brothers Meat” also featured. I wish it was mine…I knew a woman many years ago who was in the habit of “losing” (ie keeping) books she wanted from the library. She paid for the “lost” book – probably the original price, not the market value of out-of-print rarities. The thought of her dishonesty and sheer gall still amazes me, because she was an otherwise respectable school teacher. Surely the Librarians figured out her little scheme after a few “losses”!

Friday Poem: Rock Concert Meditation

In 1998, at the age of 42, I attended my first ever Rock Concert, in the company of three of my kids. It was HomeBake, the one time it toured to Melbourne, and was at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, an iconic Melbourne outdoor music venue. One of my vivid memories is of trying to listen to Tiddas when Grinspoon were playing on the main stage – at one point, Tiddas announced they would give up and listen to “Just Ace” for a bit.DSCF3958

Today’s poem, dated 10.01.98,  is sub-titled “Frenzal Rhomb”, and describes my reaction to hearing one of my favourite unrepentant Australian punk bands live and in the open air…

The mighty crack of the electric bass,
Like a close crack of thunder,
Jolts through the earth beneath me,
Thudding through my chest,
And rattles the teeth in my head:
And I can’t help wondering –
What do the micro-fauna,
Worms and such things,
Buried in grass beneath my seat,
Deep in the thundering earth –
What do they make of this?
Is there a mosh pit down there?
Do they curl up and die of fright?
I wonder; but not for long.DSCF3930

I don’t have any photos from that day (16 long years ago) but here is another unrepentant Australian who frightens worms…the infamous kookaburra.

I chose this poem for today, because on Sunday we are going to Cherry Rock in ACDC Lane, Melbourne, at which the Meatpuppets are headlining. We are going as a celebration of our recent fortieth wedding anniversary , which is kind of poetic, because forty is the Ruby Wedding, and a ruby is a cherry-coloured rock…

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

“From above” is an unusual angle for photography.
My first thought was something from a plane window, but I went for more down to earth images.

Mostly these are flowers and gems of some sort.
I’d venture to classify the Meatpuppets ‘Lollipop’ album as a gem, along with the  amethyst…
as for the cat, she has her moments,
and the ladybugs are like jewels.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

hungry fox

This week’s challenge is ‘Forward’, moving forward being the idea suggested.

This little scrawny fox was forward in a different sense when it came up near the house in the middle of the day to feast on fallen plums.

I guess it was really hungry, but it was so casual about it.


kangaroo thornOne spring following the Mt Lubra fire, we went on our favourite bush walk, only to find that there was no way forward where the track used to be. A fine dense crop of Acacia pycnantha aka Kangaroo Thorn aka (your choice of swearwords) completely covered the track.

As in the children’s rhyme, there being no way through, we had to go around.

We still went forward, just not the way we planned.travelling

I took this picture with my phone, whilst moving forward on a bus.

It’s somewhere west of Ballarat, late in the day.

The sky was serenely beautiful, the sun moving forward towards the west, to light up India and beyond.

(Actually, the Earth is rotating etc, but we all know that!)off to school

I’m guessing by the size of the kids that I took this one about 21 years ago.

They were going forward down the lane to school.

Since then they’ve all grown up and moved forward out of home and into the world.

In life we are always moving forward, even when we have to go around, or feel like we have been forced out of our comfort zone, like the plum-eating fox.

I learned this poem in high school, and after forty years, I have it almost word-perfect.

However, I had to Google it to find out the Cecil Day-Lewis wrote it.

It’s all about moving forward, and I love it!

Children look down upon the morning-grey

 Tissue of mist that veils a valleys lap:

Their fingers itch to tear it and unwrap the flags, the roundabouts, the gala day.

They watch the spring rise inexhaustibly –

A breathing thread out of the eddied sand,

Sufficient to their day; but half their mind

Is on the sailed and glittering estuary.

Fondly we wish their mist might never break,

Knowing it hides so much that best were hidden:

We’d chain them by the spring, lest it should broaden

For them into a quicksand and a wreck,

But they slip through our fingers like the source,

Like mist, like time that has mapped out their course.itty bitty

I am also looking  forward to a small person, one of these days,  who will wear these itty bitty clothes, and go on to call me granny, and on whom I can be a bad influence, teaching him/her to question authority and listen to the Melvins/Meatpuppets/Mudhoney…