Friday Poem: Synchronous

I am in Canberra (Canbrrr), our national capital, hanging out with three cats and far better internet connection than I am used to at home. Since I have to walk anywhere I want to go, I’ve been paying keener attention to the weather forecast than I usually do. I don’t mind cold, but I like getting wet about as much as the average cat does.IMG_4823 (Large)

Checked Canberra weather
Late afternoon
Late autumn
11 degrees and fine.

On a whim
Checked Aberdeen weather
Late evening
Late spring
11 degrees and fine.

For Canberra-
a stronger breeze.
In Aberdeen
Higher  humidity.

Next day- 1pm Canberra
12 degrees, cloudy;
8pm Aberdeen
12 degrees and cloudy.

The fact remains
– almost the same.across the Wishkah (Large)

If you’ve read much of my blog before, you’ll know we visited Aberdeen Washington a few years ago. This is the now famous Wishkah River, she of the muddy banks. Although Aberdeen is famous for rain, what I remember is a blue summer sky (it was mid August). Aberdeen is 46.9 degrees North, while Canberra is 35.3 degrees south – I guess Aberdeen being on the coast accounts for it’s milder (and wetter) climate.evening galahs (Large)

In a month or so, the weather north and south will be wildly different (presumably!). Today we had sunshine, although the temperature only reached 16 C. These young galahs were enjoying the last warmth of the day, and providing me with a fine photo opportunity as well.

Daily Post: Singing In The Rain

As soon as I read the prompt, I knew I had the perfect poem…somewhere. By some miracle, I found it in only a few minutes, and here it is…

Rain Song

There’s a frog in the garden singing
Because it’s raining
And the cat in her cage is complaining
Because it’s raining
And I’ve brought in the washing
Because it’s raining
And freshened up the fire
Because it’s raining
And we wont go for a walk today
Because it’s raining
Hallelujah! I hope it lasts
Because it’s been dry so long.

froggy love