Friday Poem: Cherry Bar Epiphany

We went to a tiny lane-sized rock festival last weekend, to celebrate our Ruby wedding anniversary (as one does…). We had a great time, and discovered some new bands as well as seeing the iconic Meat Puppets, in Australia for the first time in twenty years. Forgetting to bring earplugs was unfortunate, but I’m a punk do-it-yourself type, so I crafted makeshift ones from strips of paper napkin…must remember proper ones next time…IMG578

1 pm Sunday
Standing in the Cherry Bar
In ACDC Lane
(58 years old, late-blooming
Being systematically deafened
By a band
called Powerline Sneakers –

They’re good and
their bass player is
a girl –

Suddenly a thought is in
my head –

“I have wasted my life.”

NB, for any family and friends reading this post, I don’t really think I should have run off to join a band rather than rearing a brood of intelligent, creative and brilliant children! It was a passing thought, and I made it a poem. That’s the Meat puppets in the photo – I didn’t think to take one of Powerline Sneakers, sadly.

Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 16

I had such a busy week, but here I am again with some more scrappy pages to hopefully inspire you!as54

I saved this ‘Zits” cartoon after my husband claimed that I was (like Jeremy) playing my music too loud as he could hear it from the bottom of the paddock…The only neighbours in that direction are rabbits and sheep, and they might have been enjoying it, for all we know!as55

Melbourne’s “Age’ newspaper used to feature a quote every day, and this is one of them. It appealed to me for the very good reason that I have favoured black clothing since choosing a black dress when I was 13, (much to my Dad’s horror), and who doesn’t like to be told they have superior taste? There’s a bit of glitter glued above the quote. I was a fairies dressmaker for a while (well, I made fairy outfits for a shop in Ararat), and my house was accidentally embellished with glitter the whole time. And I still secretly like it.



I made some rubbings of coins on this page, but there’s not much detail on them , as the coins were very old and worn. If you want to make rubbings, test first! One of the pieces pasted on this page is a cinema ticket, for the beautiful Australian movie “Look Both Ways”. The print on it is now virtually invisible, because it is not meant to last. If you want to use such a souvenir, maybe do a photocopy! There’s one of my photos, an image from a pack of incense and a receipt for a smooth pebble with the precious word “freedom” carved into the surface. The sentence highlighted in the horoscope is “Do whatever you have to for an easy life.” – not necessarily good advice, I must admit!



I love the photo of the strong luscious brave lady, with her buzz haircut and her big fluffy slippers. In was in a  booklet of feminist art work, but  unfortunately I don’t know the back story. “You can’t please everyone” is written on one side of the page in fat blue pencil, and a quote from Victor Hugo in ink at the top –

“The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather in spite of ourselves.”

It’s a sad thing that so many people desperately try to change themselves, physically and psychologically, to fit some impossible ideal without which they feel they are unlovable and unacceptable. Just look at all the starlets with bleached, extended hair, spray tanned and with weirdly white teeth. All trying to look the same – where’s the point in that? At the very  least the lady on this page is memorable!

1 Day 1 World Project: 3 -4 pm

If I’m at home and not too busy, every day somewhere between 3 and 4 pm it is “Chai O’clock” for me. If I’m in a hurry I just use a tea bag (one of three or four varieties – can’t have too many!), but today I made my chai properly, in a saucepan on the stove.3 - 4 1

The saucepan belonged to my Grandma. She gave it to my kids to play with, but I requisitioned it, because it was a perfectly good double-boiler! The lid came later, from an op shop/thrift store. I bought it thinking I could re-use the bakelite knob, only to find it was irrevocably attached to the lid, and the lid was a perfect fit for Granny’s old pot. Win!3 - 4 2

Loose chai  – dried fermented tea leaves and a variety of whole spices simmer in the pot, wafting delicious aromas into the air. Just add milk and a smidgen of sugar…3 - 4 3

When I use a tea bag, I use a mug, but a pretty vintage cup makes everything taste even better! The cup doesn’t actually match the saucer, but they get along fine anyway.

3 - 4 4


I had to add this last shot so you can see how very pretty the saucer is! Chai O’clock – the best hour of the day…don’t you think?

Weekly Photography Challenge: Twist

I had no idea, when I sat down at the computer, what image I could share for an exciting twist. I spent the weekend in Melbourne, and I can tell you that the Meat Puppets might be getting old and grey, but they can still play up a storm and they rock . So fun!
… then I loaded all the pictures off my phone, including some from Cherry Rock yesterday,IMG571 and found this one, from the National Gallery of Australia’s sculpture garden in Canberra. This sculpture is massive – taller than a person, and the shiny metal shapes link together in a twisty chain.IMG530

I loved how the bright sunlight reflected off it, and the way it is half-hidden amongst the trees, so that is an eerie and almost ethereal presence, despite being so big and heavy.IMG537

And for the record (as it were) here are the Meat Puppets, as wonderfully twisted as you’d ever hope to find. brothers Meat

Friday Poem: Rock Concert Meditation

In 1998, at the age of 42, I attended my first ever Rock Concert, in the company of three of my kids. It was HomeBake, the one time it toured to Melbourne, and was at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, an iconic Melbourne outdoor music venue. One of my vivid memories is of trying to listen to Tiddas when Grinspoon were playing on the main stage – at one point, Tiddas announced they would give up and listen to “Just Ace” for a bit.DSCF3958

Today’s poem, dated 10.01.98,  is sub-titled “Frenzal Rhomb”, and describes my reaction to hearing one of my favourite unrepentant Australian punk bands live and in the open air…

The mighty crack of the electric bass,
Like a close crack of thunder,
Jolts through the earth beneath me,
Thudding through my chest,
And rattles the teeth in my head:
And I can’t help wondering –
What do the micro-fauna,
Worms and such things,
Buried in grass beneath my seat,
Deep in the thundering earth –
What do they make of this?
Is there a mosh pit down there?
Do they curl up and die of fright?
I wonder; but not for long.DSCF3930

I don’t have any photos from that day (16 long years ago) but here is another unrepentant Australian who frightens worms…the infamous kookaburra.

I chose this poem for today, because on Sunday we are going to Cherry Rock in ACDC Lane, Melbourne, at which the Meatpuppets are headlining. We are going as a celebration of our recent fortieth wedding anniversary , which is kind of poetic, because forty is the Ruby Wedding, and a ruby is a cherry-coloured rock…

Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 15

Another week has whizzed past, and here I am with some more pages from Sukie’s Lifes Journey, a handmade artist scrapbook filled with bits and pieces that I saved for their significance to me. The journal became a place to gather them together in some sort of order.

as49There is a quote pasted on this page, from Scottish psychiatrist R D Laing – “We are effectively destroying ourselves by violence masquerading as love”, which sits alongside a wrenching image of a young Iranian protester, who is holding up the blood-stained t-shirt of a friend who was beaten. Authority, in Dominator Culture, excuses such violence on the grounds that is for the victims own good, and often claims that “this hurts me more than it hurts you.” Yeah, right…The fake Chinese fortune is amusing and also good advice, I think, something that reading both widely and deeply can help with. Martin Flanagan is an eminent Australian journalist with profound things to say about Indigenous issues and AFL football, amongst other matters. My daughter asked him for his autograph on my behalf, much to his surprise!as50

Sea Horse, affirmations, and an ancient inscription on life, death and connection – and god. There’s a connection there somewhere! I have highlighted the words “the male carries and broods the young.” on the card about sea horses. What a wonderful fish is the sea horse! The flowers are a South African bulb, a species of Ixia with startling bright aqua flowers.as51

Another half-page, from a bed-side notebook, complete with a nocturnal note. The image paper-clipped to the page is from an exhibition that was at Melbourne’s Australian Centre for the Moving Image some years ago. The installation was in a narrow, dark corridor, with red laser light “thresholds” at intervals, making it very eerie – a red lit “door” was at the far end. Viewers were invited to go into this space, but it was very strange and disorientating – which was the point, I guess.



The “autograph” came from a booklet attached to one of those teen magazines – the sort aimed at helping teens spend the money they earn by working in fast food “restaurants”. Tom Moore is the American writer, not the Irish song writer. I like that he asserts the validity of melancholy. The horoscope, with it’s advice to express your feelings, ties in with that.as53

On this purple card page there is a photo of Pat Smear, guitarist of the Germs, Nirvana and Foo Fighters, another horoscope with the words “you have to remain alive” highlighted. The red pic is of Silverchair’s Daniel Johns. There’s also my poem “Statement” about the red tulips in my garden, and a photo of them. The Kit-Kat packet was in my pocket the first time I saw Foo Fighters at a Big Day Out in Melbourne – and it’s red! Also I am very fond of red and purple together. More next week!


1 Day 1 World: 2pm – 3pm

My third contribution to Lisa’s 1 Day 1 World Project – I was at the Ararat Regional Art Gallery again today, as we were celebrating the Makers Market exhibition with sparkling wine, cupcakes and strawberries. We had a slightly chaotic time getting it all ready, but it all looked beautiful by 2 o’clock, when the guests began to arrive.2pm

Three of the Gallery’s volunteers have a cabinet each to show our wares – Jiah (Elephant and Rose), me (Sukie’s Original) and Jade (Zooblast Knits), plus staff member Deb, with beautiful felted wraps (don’t think about the polyester stuff used in kids craft – this is something else entirely!) I forgot to count, but we had a good turn out and lots of admiration for our work. By 2.45, the table full of goodies was nearly empty and it was time to wash up and restore order. 2.45pm

Weekly Photography Challenge: Work of Art

This weeks photography challenge theme is “a work of art“, which can mean all sorts of things to different people, as the weekly themes generally do. That’s where the fun lies! Thinking up your own take on the subject, then looking at what other bloggers did with it.

I’ve been thinking about it, and then this morning I found some plastic figures in a drawer ( I was searching for the Allen keys – no luck on that yet!). I arranged them in front of a tiny painting I found in an op shop/thrift store – and got inspired on the Work of Art question. So I went around the house with the camera, and took pics of (some of) the vignettes that just grow in my house. Please ignore the dust – it also just grows in my house!

There are “art works” in the conventional sense in most of these pictures, but it’s the arrangement and juxtaposition* of disparate objects that I am attempting to portray here. In one, Big Bird is having a discourse on Dominator versus Cooperator Culture with a aggresive little knight in armour, in front of a small watercolour of Seattle I did whilst in that fair city in 2011. Also I notice there’s an earplug – souvenir of the Melvins show at the HI-Fi Bar in Melbourne last December. The yellow glass tumbler is the work of Moyston glass blower, David Herbert. I have a thing for flying pigs, as a symbol of infinite possibilities and that things need not stay as they are (see Big Bird and friend).

*”juxtaposition” is an excellent arty word, and if it is missing form an artist statement…they weren’t really trying. LOL.

Friday Poem: Blue Paen

Today was a fine, sunny May day, with blue skies and warm breezes.

blue 1 So I give you this poem, in honour of the colour blue  –



Lapis lazuli


Gas flame

Bolt from

Blue 2

Sure this poem is a basically a list, but please imagine it being declaimed by someone like Patti Smith, or Allen Ginsberg…blue 3

The photos are macro shots of some of my collection of coloured glass, the top two a fragment of a blue bottle – probably once filled with castor oil (yuk)- and the bottom one, a jar of old glass bottle stoppers, mostly picked up whilst gardening. Out tiny hamlet was, for a year or two, the site of a gold rush and a temporary home to hundreds of people, none of whom had any qualms about leaving their rubbish where ever it fell. Consequently, just below the surface of the soil, lie pieces of pottery and glass, and the occasional coin, which come to light after heavy  rain, or after the road is graded, or when digging a new garden bed.

Daily Prompt: No Apology

What guilty pleasures are so pleasing I no longer feel guilty about them? Plenty! These are a sample…cornflowers

I must have flowers, no matter how tiny the arrangement. Mostly I pick some from my garden, but when there are none out there, I resort to buying them…love frame

I am also an inveterate collector of art supplies, and any odds and ends that look like they’ll be useful for my art “one day”…edit

I also have a lot of pictures of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, and a few are on my walls. I used to be a bit coy about all the posters I have, but at some point I got over it and now I just enjoy having them. No apologies…