My Opinion: Gender War

Brunswick lanewayWhere women once had to justify their existence by bearing and rearing children, nowadays it’s “get a job” (and bear and raise children in your spare time).

Most women these days are in the paid workforce, but they tend to be paid less than men for the same work; therefore, employing women saves money on the payroll.

Most women these days are in paid work, but it tends to be part-time, casual, menial, underpaid and undervalued work; which not only saves money on the payroll, but keeps women away from positions of power.Monkey in a cage

Most women these days are in paid work, but they still tend to do the bulk of the household work and childcare, which means they tend to be permanently tired and worn down, which in turn makes them unlikely to question the status quo.

Most women these days are in paid work, which is regarded as independence and liberation. But without equal pay for equal work, equal opportunities and training, and an equal share of domestic duties, women remain in a state of weary drudgery, all wrapped up in pretty pink bows.

That’s why it suits Patriarchy/ Dominator Culture to have most women enter the work force – part-time, casual, unimportant, underpaid…

Bend the rules

Overworked and underpaid is no better than the old “bare-foot and pregnant”.

And a woman in charge is a threat to the old order  – bend the rules, gender is not destiny!