Weekly Photography Challenge: Fresh

We woke up this morning to the sound of rain, and the calling of rain frogs (Litoria ewingii) – fresh sounds indeed.

Fresh being the theme for this week’s photography challenge, I popped outside with the camera in search of fresh images (the welcome autumnal shower was already over).

Leaves are beginning to turn, and insects  are active in the warm sunshine. The toy hermit crab (leftover from Christmas) has been given a fresh new look by a busy spider. Autumn is my favourite time of year, a relief after a hot dry summer. We still haven’t had much rain, but the mornings are getting later,cooler and crisper, while the afternoons, on a good day, are warm and still. With luck, some time in the next few weeks, the Autumn Break will come, bringing real, soaking, refreshing rain…

Daily Post: Singing In The Rain

As soon as I read the prompt, I knew I had the perfect poem…somewhere. By some miracle, I found it in only a few minutes, and here it is…

Rain Song

There’s a frog in the garden singing
Because it’s raining
And the cat in her cage is complaining
Because it’s raining
And I’ve brought in the washing
Because it’s raining
And freshened up the fire
Because it’s raining
And we wont go for a walk today
Because it’s raining
Hallelujah! I hope it lasts
Because it’s been dry so long.

froggy love