Weekly Photography Challenge: Curve

This week it’s curves we need to portray to rise to the challenge. There are curves all around us, every day. Our own bodies are full of curves, and although most architecture employs straight lines, the objects we put inside our building are frequently curved. Curves are pleasing, suggesting softness and a more relaxed outlook on life.

In order to photograph some curves, I didn’t even need to leave the room – but I added a photo I took at my mother’s house a few weeks ago.

Bowls and balls of yarn just seem to go together – in my house, anyway. The painting was just playing around with Peerless watercolours – but then curvy tea vessels appeared out of the background. There’s a very curvy vase on my mantelpiece, alongside several other curvy objects –  the glass bird in particular. I will never acheive a minimalist mantel – partly because having the space occupied keeps the cat off – but also because I enjoy collecting and juxtaposing groups of things too much!

Weekly Photography Challenge: Curves

The world is full of curves. They are completely natural, and so pleasing to the eye that we make more for ourselves, in buildings and crafted objects. The basket work building is both craft object and building! A team of helpers assisted a master basket maker to produce it, using cuttings from willow trees removed from along waterways, where they grow as a weed. It had a number of ‘rooms’, and was big enough to hold a dozen or more people, and it was full of beautiful curves. The ‘real’ buildings are both in Aberdeen, Washington –  a public library and a ‘mansion’, both curvaceous. The piece of knitting uses a simple stitch pattern that produces curves.