I Believe…

IMG_6874 (Large)

Not exactly a poem, but a poetic piece of writing, sparked by the words “Believe in Yourself” printed on the front of the notebook, a memory of a bible quote, and a quiet afternoon at the Art Gallery where I volunteer. And a pinch of Fairy Story…

“You believe in yourself. Believe also in me”, Teddy said with a smile.
And taking my hand, he pulled me onto the dance floor, and for once I let him lead.

“I believe, Teddy”, I said.”I believe you will wash the dishes tonight, and sweep even in the corners.
I believe you will change the sheets and do laundry, and pull weeds before they flower,
and do a hundred things I have not yet thought of.
That is what I believe.”

He paused, standing with his arms still raised in a sort of arabesque.
“Okay”, he said, “yeah, okay. I believe I can do all that.”

The photos are recent ones from around our garden. I have lilies, and cacti, and visiting cockatoos…

Creativity: Carving It Up


I’ve been pretty busy this last week, so not much creativity has been going on around here. However, I have managed to fit in some stamp carving. I did the stylised peony while I was volunteering at the Ararat Regional Art Gallery on Sunday. I was there again on Monday, helping out with Children’s Week’s Printing workshop – which reminded me that a stamp doesn’t have to be a picture of something, so I did the wavy lines – which has some extra texture, because the eraser I used has a pattern on the sides already. Last of all, I did the feather, while I was perched on the edge of my bed in my P.J.s.stamp detritis

It made some mess.treasure trove

Here is another cheap eraser waiting to be carved, lying on a bed of what may be junk, or treasure, depending on one’s point of view! I have stalls at two Maker’s Markets on the weekend,which I need to prep tomorrow, then after going to see the Archibald Prize exhibition on Monday, it will be back to making for me. I hope.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

featherUnique? That could be anything!

Somewhere there is a bird with a lot of feathers much like this one, yet each one is unique.

I wish I knew what kind of bird makes such extravagantly lovely feathers!dry leaf

Every leaf on a tree is unique, and this one more so than most. Some sort of insect has chewed away parts of the leaf, revealing the unique pattern of the veins,. Photographed in front of a curtain, back-lit by the summer sun shining through coloured glass, it becomes something new and strange.

yellow yarnbomb

Melbourne’s City square is currently embellished with colourful yarn, each piece of knitting or crochet as unique as a feather or a leaf.

Different people have made their various squares, before joining them together in an harmonious whole.

Yarn-bombing has spread rapidly and wildly throughout the world in only ten or so years, but no matter how often the theme is repeated, each one is unique.

ink painting: Kurt

Quite a few years ago, I did a one day class in Chinese brush painting. Anyone who has tried it will know how difficult it is to guide the brush stroke with the whole body instead of the wrist. We spent much of the day painting more or less recognizable fish.

One day not long after, I took out my moon-palace paper, ink stick and well, and my brush, and by some unique accident, and absolutely no forethought, I produced a recognizable drawing of Kurt Cobain. I think it reveals a little of his unique humanity, which is not really much different from anyone else’s.

We are all unique in the part we play in the harmonious whole.