Weekly Photography Challenge: Optimistic

I generally like to aim to be realistic rather than optimistic, except when it comes to gardening…That’s the only possible explanation for planting Hummingbird- attracting Bergamot in the wrong continent. At least it has flowered for me! I’m still waiting on the hummingbirds, although we do have Eastern Spinebills visiting at times, and they should like it too!IMG_7181 (Large)

I also gambled on planting Lilium henryi for the first time, and to my great delight, they have been flowering since around Christmas.IMG_7182 (Large)

Still in the garden, after 22ml of rain last week – the only decent rainfall in months – the Belladonna lilies are suddenly pushing buds up from the dry old dirt! In a few weeks there will be fragrant pink flowers for me to enjoy. Not only that, but their appearance heralds the ending of another hot dry summer, and – I’m being optimistic – the promise of good autumn rain at last.IMG_7186 (Large)

I Believe…

IMG_6874 (Large)

Not exactly a poem, but a poetic piece of writing, sparked by the words “Believe in Yourself” printed on the front of the notebook, a memory of a bible quote, and a quiet afternoon at the Art Gallery where I volunteer. And a pinch of Fairy Story…

“You believe in yourself. Believe also in me”, Teddy said with a smile.
And taking my hand, he pulled me onto the dance floor, and for once I let him lead.

“I believe, Teddy”, I said.”I believe you will wash the dishes tonight, and sweep even in the corners.
I believe you will change the sheets and do laundry, and pull weeds before they flower,
and do a hundred things I have not yet thought of.
That is what I believe.”

He paused, standing with his arms still raised in a sort of arabesque.
“Okay”, he said, “yeah, okay. I believe I can do all that.”

The photos are recent ones from around our garden. I have lilies, and cacti, and visiting cockatoos…