Weekly Photography Challenge: Roy G Biv

The challenge for photographers this week is to portray the whole rainbow of colours, singly or all together. I have plenty of photos of the spectrum, cast from ‘crystals’ hung in sunny windows, and I love colour, so my files are full of possibilities for this challenge, but I thought it would be more challenging to go out in my cold wintry garden (it’s the winter solstice today in the southern hemisphere) and try to find the magic seven. Here’s what I found…

My Limelight salvia, which did have bright blue flowers was looking sad (but not very blue) after a ‘good’ frost yesterday, and Blue Chalk sticks are not very blue either, but I found an adequate spectrum, considering mid-winter, I think!

Years ago, when the garden was much newer, I used to record what was in flower every winter solstice in a garden notebook. There is more in flower than I have shown here – I didn’t take photos of pink flowers, because there’s no pink in the rainbow (my youngest son will argue that there’s no indigo, either…)spectrum (Large)


Friday Poem: Midwinter Poem

We’ve just passed the winter solstice a week or two ago. The days are short, the nights are long. The weather has been cold and wet (as it should be), and the weeds are growing thick and rank. It’s a good time to stay inside, and contemplate…IMG_0811

My heart
Contains your death
And many other deaths
The prospect and promise
Of my own death.
They are all in my heart
And full of light
Full of life

Out of darkness
Light will come.still life 2

The quilt you can see on the wall in the top photo was made in memory of my sister, Merrilyn, who died more than 22 years ago, aged 27.