Weekly Photography Challenge:Variations

This week we are challenged to show variations on a theme , patterns, repetitions… I have a collection of old cutlery, and I do  get it out to use sometimes. I love the patina of the well used silver (well, EPNS…), and I prefer the old bone-handled knives with their Sheffield steel blades to modern ones.

I have been picking up washers where ever I see them for years. Although they are basically the same, they’re all different. Smaller ones get incorporated in junk jewellery, large ones in mixed-media art work.

Weekly Photography Challenge : Monochromatic(ish)

For someone who enjoys colour and plenty of it, this week’s Photography Challenge to produce monochromatic images is challenging indeed. I went out into the garden, which is mostly green just now, and did my best with a tricky assignment!

“Monochrome” is often translated to “black and white”, but really it’s “one colour”, and I’ve gone with that. Mostly. There is a solitary orange Sparaxia flower amonsgt all the green in one pic – in a month or two, that colour balance will reverse as dozens of flowers open in the sunshine and obliterate all the green. I took a couple more pictures inside as well as hunting out the metal bobbins and cutlery from the back catalogue. I love the subtle almost-colour of the tarnished old silverware – I bought a boxful for a mere $5, just for that colour/not colour…