Weekly Photography Challenge: Satisfaction

This week it’s images of satisfaction we are looking for, and once more I’m running late with my response. I have an excuse, though, and his name is Banjo – he’s my third grandchild (to date) and he’s just past six weeks old.

Satisfaction can come from many things and experiences, but a nice cup of tea is satisfactory to many of us. I took this photo of  a vintage “trio” to use in advertising our local Hall’s planned High Tea later this year.IMG_2015s

There’s a lot of satisfaction in spending time with little kids, especially when they’re grandkids and you get to give them back! Juniper and Banjo are siblings, Matilda (in the middle) is their cousin. Juni’s satisfaction comes from playing with her many vehicles, but she also loves “Icy-colds”, regardless of the weather. Matilda is fond of dancing on tables, which her grown-ups are less keen on, but fear of falling doesn’t seem to occur to her! Banjo is fairly easily satisfied with a full belly and a dry bottom, he doesn’t want much else.



Creativity: Artist Scrapbook 23

Wednesday again already! I swear they are getting closer together…

There are two quotes on this next page, from Walt Whitman-

” To have the feeling I am sufficient as I am.

and Dr Seuss –

“You have brains in your head
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself
Any direction you choose.”

Words to live by!


That’s me, about 18 years ago. As a goddess, I’m still in training. Ha ha. The romantic Indian miniature is from a packet of incense – I confess my choice of incense is often influenced by the pictures on the outside more than the contents!as81Stars, and star stickers, plus a hand written description of the supposed qualities of Green Obsidian – volcanic glass.  There’s also a poem, by me, and a quote from Albert Einstein –

“Knowledge is experience – anything else is just information.”as82

Here’s an entire incense packet – this one I chose for the smell, although the pack is beguilingly shiny! I haven’t put anything inside it, but flat packaging like this can easily be converted into a pocket to hold surprise items inside your book., either by adhering it to another page, or punching holes near the edge and binding it in.as83

This Emerson quote is squeezed onto a tiny piece of purple card, and slipped into a pocket that originally held a tea bag.  I especially liked this brand for embellishing books and altered postcards because of the kettle on the packet, and the old-fashioned pointing hand on the bag tag. Tea bags often have nice graphics and I like to save them, especially when travelling – cafes use different brands, so you get some variety! And variety is a good thing.


Weekly Photography Challenge: Reflection

My first inclination for this weeks challenge was to look for photos of reflections on water, or maybe on glass – a window, or  mirror. I have such pictures in my files, and I found some of them, but I felt like making something new, just for the challenge.

Taking tea, especially in the context of the Japanese tea ceremony, is an occasion for reflection. Tea reflections 1

I made a pot of T2’s “Passion” tea, which is pink in colour, and quite delicious.Tea reflections

The table top is reflective, as is the old epns tea strainer, and the glamourous gold glaze on the darling cup and saucer.Tea reflections 3

I had made a batch of sturdy, seedy scones and slathered them with orange marmalade. Served up with pink tea, what could be better! This is not much like the Japanese tradition (wrong colour tea, for starters), but a solitary cuppa, served up with some ceremony, is a fine context for reflection of the spiritual kind.

Or it would have been if I wasn’t so busy composing lovely pictures for my blog! So tricky to press the button with my left hand…Who knew?

Weekly Photography Challenge: Habit

tea and books

The prompt for this weeks photography challenge is ‘habit’, and who among us doesn’t have a few of those? Lots of good ones, we hope… Here’s a pic that shows several of mine. Tea (in this case Gen Mai Cha Bancha, a Japanese green tea with roasted rice), drunk from one of my little tea bowls, a shelf full of books (are you turning your head on one side so you can read the titles? that’s what I’d do…I’m frustrated by photos of beautiful rooms in magazines if I can’t make out what the owners have on their shelves… ), textiles – check out the colours in that piece of fabric! (Colour is another habit). And there’s one of my hand-made artist books, titled Sukie’s Journey, which I’ve been going to write a post about for months. So, there’s another habit – procrastination…