Friday Poem:Road Song

It’s winter “downunder”, and our capital, Canberra, is a long way from the moderating influence of the sea – which means plenty of frosty mornings, hopefully followed by bright clear sunshine. On such days the afternoons seem quite warm, even though the thermometer says otherwise…sunshine

We are leaving
On a frosty
Canberra morning;
7.30 and minus 2 –
So beautiful
and so cold.

On the homeward bus
Dozing in a sunbeam
Beautifully warm.sun and shadow

These two photos were taken on the day before we left – it was only about 10C, but it seemed much, much warmer in the sun!

When we left, the grass was crisply white, and wisps of fog around the hills were lit up with golden light from the rising sun. We moved twice on the bus, trying to escape the aching brilliance of morning light on our faces, but the warmth was very welcome.frost

The view from my daughter’s dining room window – it’s usually green over beyond the fence…

Weekly Photography Challenge: Yellow

Maybe because it’s wintry and dull in the Northern hemisphere, this weeks photography challenge theme is “Yellow”.  For us in the Southern part of the world, summer is well under way (it seemed to get started about October this year), and we are not deprived of sunshine. The paddocks are yellow, with the barest trace of green left from the last shower of rain. I’ve still got some yellow flowers, some because they are tough (Escholtzia and Fennel) and some because I nurture them (Pansy).

We had a couple of bonfires mid-year – no more until April at least. The yellow flames are an example of the warmth of the colour, toasty as sunshine on a hot summer’s day. The saffron crocus isn’t yellow, but it’s stamens produce a wonderful yellow dye, as well as being a fantastically expensive spice. That’s my whole crop you see there… Paper starts out white, but yellows with age. Yellowed paper shows a lack of archival value, but also a warmth and history which makes it compelling for many of us!