Friday Poem:Winter Morning


On certain clear sky
winter mornings
the late-rising sun
shines clear across
where I sleep –
bursts through
the eastern window
bright on to the curtain
of the window

The shadows castĀ themselves
from trees and leaves
and feathers on dream-catchers –
blown by the rising wind
leaf shadows
a morning puppet show.IMG_20160709_094218

The photo at the top is of those shadows, dancing on the curtain. The second pic is the feathers on a dream catcher – made for me by my son’s partner, Janina, and finally – a spectral shadow of flowers from when bright sunshine was split into its component colours by a piece of faceted glass. I think I have at least one in every window on the sunny sides of our house.




Weekly Photography Challenge: Early Bird

IMG_4281 (Large)

Well, this week sees a big challenge – be an early bird, in search of , not worms but interesting early morning pictures. Luckily for me, I’m in the southern hemishere, so dawn is getting later every day, not earlier…it’s also getting very chilly first thing, but not quite chilly enough to want to light the fire.

Morgen was keen to get into a warm spot on my bed, as I prepared to go out into the chilly garden and look for photogenic early morning rays of sunshine. The glory vine is in full autumn colour, revealing just how much it has invaded the nearby photinia tree. I’ve trimmed the cotoneaster hedge since then – nothing like a view through a lens for showing up a task that needs doing…Look at the dust on the bunting (or don’t, preferably…)