Weekly Photography Challenge: Half and Half

Doing anything by halves is generally discouraged, but this week’s photography challenge is asking for Half and Half images, whether explicitly divided in two, or depicting opposites. I went to Melbourne for the day on Sunday and took my camera along with the expectation that I would see something that would fit the brief. And I did.

It was ‘good’ frost on Sunday morning, with views from the train window of glittering white paddocks all the way to Ballarat and beyond. The camera stayed in my bag while I met up with my daughter at the White Rabbit Collective in Brunswick, had a burrito for lunch and enjoyed the John Wolsley exhibition at the Ian Potter Centre (Gallery of Australian Art). On my way back to Southern Cross Station, I took it out to photograph the sky and tall buildings – some reflecting the sky in their many windows. On Monday morning, back home, there was another ‘good’ frost, and although I’ve taken dozens of photos of frost over the years, I took some more, including the two ‘half and half’ here.

I love frosty mornings, but only if the sun is shining all day afterwards!

Weekly Photography Challenge: Silhouette

The Challenge this week is to show a silhouette, something that makes me think of the clever man with the scissors and black paper who used to travel the countryside with the other Show People. In a matter of minutes, he could produce a readily recognisable silhouette of a customer’s profile. My mother had them done of all us children – I wonder if she still has them somewhere…

I was in Melbourne earlier in the week, where I took a few photos of buildings both old and new silhouetted against the sky – plus trees opposite my daughters place, because Melbourne is proud of having plenty of green and growing things. That new building behind Southern Cross Station is growing faster than a gum tree, though! The ornate tower is part of the beautiful old Forum Theatre, on the corner of Flinders and Russell Streets. Certainly worth a closer look!

Friday Poem: Leaving Canberra in a V-Line Coach

I’m back home now, in my normal life, but a week or two ago, I made an epic journey by coach and train(s) from Canberra home to Ararat. The coach leaves Canberra quite early, and sets off in what appears to be the wrong direction…bus stop

Sun on the right
Moon on the left
Headed North
Green paddocks
Green trees
A scatter of houses

Inside the bus
a young girl is sleeping
+ my feet are cold.morning

It’s roughly four hours on the coach to Albury, where we board a train for another four hours or so to Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station. There’s a wait there for over an hour (but plenty of food and coffee and magazines to buy) before boarding the Ararat train for the final two and a half hours. It’s one way to spend a day, and see a sample of the Australian countryside. You’d see more in summer, of course, because it was dark by the time we left Melbourne!Juniper in June 11

And here’s my incentive for making the trip to Canberra in the first place, my grand daughter Juniper, photographed on her nine-month birthday. She really wanted to investigate my camera much ore closely…

The other two pics are a yarnbombed pole opposite the  stop in Farrer, where we caught the first bus for the day (taken on a different day- the sun wasn’t up yet when we left!), and the other is near home, but a typical Australian pastoral landscape. Next time I’ll keep a camera handy, and take some photos from the coach and train windows. Which reminds me – when I was about to board at Albury, a lady passenger was energetically cleaning the outside of ‘her’ window. I guess she wanted to look at the view minus the dust!

Friday Poem: Late Afternoon

After a good day in the City of Melbourne, I was heading up the hill toward Southern Cross station. The sun was dropping toward the west, playing hide and seek with the office towers and stately old bank buildings. I loved the way the light bounced along the empty street, but I didn’t have a camera (or time to stop and take pictures – train to catch!). So instead, I wrote this poem.late afternoon

Sunday in the city
5 pm
Everything is closing
Shutting down for the day
Staff thinking of going home.

The slanting sunlight
Bounces from window
to wall
Amongst the canyons.

Sunday in the city
5 pm.

late afternoon 2Both these pics were taken in Melbourne and late in the afternoon – just not the same afternoon. I think the city is particularly lovely, in a melancholy way, late in the day when dusk is just beginning, and for whatever reason, the streets are almost empty.