Creativity:Designing a Sign

We are working on making an old shed into a fun semi-outdoor living space. It was once pirate themed, but the new aqua paint has sent it more towards mermaids. I’ve settled on Seahorse Saloon as the name for this establishment – obviously it needs a suitable sign.

I’m away from home for a week, unable to work on the actual space, so I have been researching merpeople and seahorse images on Pinterest, looking for inspiration for my sign. I have a board in mind to paint it on, so that set the proportions. I’m thinking of the style of sign on traditional British Pubs, but cuter.

This is it, so far – a mermaid holding up a bubble, which will be an “O”, and chatting with a seahorse. The “S”s in the sign will be seahorses – I’m still thinking about the rest, maybe seaweedy…It seems like I’m going to do a separate painting of my grand daughter Juniper as a sweet little Mabel Lucie Atwell style mermaid, which will be fun. I might have to put baby Matilda in there, too!

We went op shopping/thrifting on the weekend, as you do. I was on the lookout for anything that would enhance the seahorse/mermaid theme. No mermaids or seahorses, but some over the top shiny gold hooks will be excellent as a place for pirates and cowboys to hang their hats. I imagine that pirates would bring treasure and trinkets from all around the world, so I feel free to be as “eclectic”as I like in the decor.:)

Weekly Photography Challenge: The Sign Says

Tsunami sign, Aberdeen

This sign stands across the road from the Olympic Inn Motel in Aberdeen, Washington – they are all around the coast, as we later discovered (the evacuation route signs, not the motel). It did make me feel slightly nervous, since ‘high ground’ was blocks away…Still, the nice lady at the Tourist Info place reassured us that there had not been any tsunami during her 30 years of residence. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that ‘none in the last 30 years’ doesn’t preclude one tomorrow or next week! Or, hopefully, not for another few hundred years.
‘The Flats’ in Aberdeen are flat for a reason – a huge tsunami hundreds of years ago…