Weekly Photography Challenge: Tiny

I’ve always been fascinated by and collected tiny things, but rather than take photos of my miniatures for this weeks Photography Challenge, I went into the garden to find tiny flowers. The ornamental grape is just coming into flower (a month late), and in a week or so the garden will be filled with its perfume, and with bees. The plant is large, but it’s flowers are minute and very numerous.

There’s a Cecile Brunner rambler rose mingled with the vine – they flower at the same time, and their perfumes blend in the air. The roses are perfect miniatures on a very large plant, the arching canes being metres long, right over the top of the pergola.

More tiny things in my garden – a prickly little Juniper bonsai, Lobelias flourishing in a hanging basket, a dainty Aquilegia flower, and a spike of tiny onion orchid (Michrotis sp) flowers.  The orchid is an endemic species, which “just growed” in another hanging basket one year, and has self-seeded into other containers in my garden.The tiny flowers are barely 1mm long, and I’d need a microscope to see them properly!

Friday Poem: Tower Song

I wrote this poem in the middle of the night – another sleepless night! I actually got up, turned on lights and sat in the living room until it was all on paper, then went back to bed – and slept. Usually, I just stay in bed, despite all the advice I have read to get up and do something for a while. Maybe the experts know what they are talking about…

Well, anyway, here’s my poem.IMG_6671 (Large)

I lie awake at night
Alone in my tower
And plan what I want you to be:

So that one night, or one morning,
Or on some happy day,
You will appear, you will come to my window,
You will call out my name,
You will ask me to let down my hair;
And I will.

You will climb up to me,
You will come into my bower,
And we will be happy,
You and me as we are
Together, together alone.

DSCF9688 (Large)

I drew the scene as I imagined it, and even painted it. All that romantic thought needs some roses. My Hot Cocoa rose has been flowering prolifically this year (feed and water roses – they like it!). I don’t know what the other flower is, but the lime-green is a pleasing contrast for the roses.

IMG_6665 (Large)

The first photo is of Acacia paradoxa (Kangaroo Thorn), with the late sun illuminating the hairs on the pods – and the spiders nest amongst the thorns.

Friday Poem: Insomnia

Everyone suffers from insomnia every now and then, just like everybody hurts. I find moonlit nights especially challenging, since darkness is the best condition for sleeping. I wrote this just before bed, having slept badly the previous night – and then I turned out the light and went straight to sleep, moon or no moon…nocturne (Large)

The moon in my eyes
and no sleep
makes a night long
I can’t keep
doing that every night.

Lucky the moon fades
and weary bones
melt into sleep sweet sleep
sometime before dawn.

nocturne2 (Large)

I also had a play with my camera, messing about with settings to see what happens, and sometimes having an accidental extreme effect, having forgotten about taking pictures in the dark earlier. I liked the bleached out roses enough to keep the photo – but I made the necessary adjustment and took a ‘proper’ one as well!  The rose is a florabunda called “Hot Cocoa”.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Off-Season

Lat week in Canberra, the nearby supermarket was selling bunches of ravishing pale pink peonies (3 for $18), along with other unseasonal flowers. I was tempted to take photos, but didn’t…then really wished I had when I discovered that  “Off Season” was the theme for the photography challenge this week. Here is what I found instead…

Withered white roses from my father-in-law’s funeral service last month, an off-season Southern hemisphere  June rose bud covered in water drops and our mouldering little jack-o-lantern. We celebrated Halloween in April, which was the right season, but ‘wrong’ time of year. I was away from home for more than 3 weeks, and of course my husband didn’t notice the vase of dead roses…I thought they were kind of pretty, in a macabre way!

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

“From above” is an unusual angle for photography.
My first thought was something from a plane window, but I went for more down to earth images.

Mostly these are flowers and gems of some sort.
I’d venture to classify the Meatpuppets ‘Lollipop’ album as a gem, along with the  amethyst…
as for the cat, she has her moments,
and the ladybugs are like jewels.

Weekly Phoneography Challenge: My Neighbourhood

Phoneography, whats that? Sound-drawing??

Once I read the post, I understood – Oh! Phone pictures! I’m generally pretty quick on the uptake, you see…Agave forest

So I picked up my phone (which has minimal reception in my neighbourhood) and took it for a walk.

Those agaves are in my garden.house of gnomes

Sandra-over-the-road breeds gnomes – not that you can see many in this pic. I felt a bit awkward standing in my yard taking pictures of hers.our road

My neighbourhood is rural.skyline

But I claim to live on the edge of the CBD.sheds

There are probably more sheds – charmingly rustic, full of spiders – than there are actual houses.School dam

There’s a dam where school children once watered their horses.bush

The horses grazed in this block  while the children worked away on their slates in the school next door.avenue

Our Avenue of Honour ( the pines in the rear), planted to honour soldiers, is one of the few still standing.sunset

There’s one store. It will reopen in a couple of months, after being empty for two years.  The CBD will be back in business.Wills

We have one claim to fame in my neighbourhood, but as a non-sport person, I don’t want to talk about it.roses

The roses are nice, though…rose's frog.

My friend Rose is also keen on garden ornaments.truck graveyard

Whereas some locals like to keep all their old trucks and tractors.  Forever.

So that’s a tour of my neighbourhood , courtesy of my camera-phone.