Friday Poem: Where I’m Coming From

I haven’t posted a poem for ages, but I’m back for today, at least. I’ve been asked (several times) where my antecedents came from, as if it mattered to who I am. But I don’t believe it matters very much where a great great grandparent was born. What matters is how you love.IMG_20170518_172123_919

I am born of earth.
I am human,
Made of stardust and love.

I don’t care
where you or your forebears
came from;
we are all out of Africa and ash.

I care about
Peace Love Empathy
Justice, Compassion
Freedom and Joy.

I respect the compassionate.
My heart bleeds for the withered hearts
that only know hatred and fear.

I am bodhisattva;
I am of earth
to earth I shall return.IMG_20160711_191930

Weekly Photography Challenge: Reflecting

Time for reflecting this week – and once again the week is running away from me.

Our lounge room is quite small, so a collection of mirrors hangs above the fireplace to make it seem bigger and brighter – lots of reflections there! IMG_1754editcrop

Our local Hall has been upgraded recently – nice new toilets, better kitchen facilities, all-abilities access. The fine old floor in the main Hall had a makeover, too, with a light sand and refinishing that brings up the colour and makes the floor glow. We are looking forward to dancing on it!

All the old photos were taken down and stored during the upgrade – now the Committee is faced with the task of putting them all back up. The collage of photos of local men and women who served in World War 2 is a subject for reflection of another kind. All these people went off into the unknown to defend the freedoms we take for granted. Fortunately most of them survived and made it back home. I had the pleasure of getting to know some of them, including Cpl Chris Wilton, whose brother lived across the road from us when we moved here over 32 years ago.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Reflections II

It was such a dull, grey morning I decided to light some candles for cheeriness in our lounge room. They looked so good, the soft light reflected in mirrors and shiny gold frames, that I spent a good half hour (or more) trying to capture the effect. The low light meant using a tripod, which meant I had to stand it on something steady etc, etc…….. So, having gone to all that bother, I had to post some of the results!

The interior of one’s home is a reflection of one’s own ‘interior’, the self, mind, personality – choose your favourite tag  – so these photos are a reflection of me, as well as being full of images of reflective surfaces, and things reflected in those surfaces.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Reflection

My first inclination for this weeks challenge was to look for photos of reflections on water, or maybe on glass – a window, or  mirror. I have such pictures in my files, and I found some of them, but I felt like making something new, just for the challenge.

Taking tea, especially in the context of the Japanese tea ceremony, is an occasion for reflection. Tea reflections 1

I made a pot of T2’s “Passion” tea, which is pink in colour, and quite delicious.Tea reflections

The table top is reflective, as is the old epns tea strainer, and the glamourous gold glaze on the darling cup and saucer.Tea reflections 3

I had made a batch of sturdy, seedy scones and slathered them with orange marmalade. Served up with pink tea, what could be better! This is not much like the Japanese tradition (wrong colour tea, for starters), but a solitary cuppa, served up with some ceremony, is a fine context for reflection of the spiritual kind.

Or it would have been if I wasn’t so busy composing lovely pictures for my blog! So tricky to press the button with my left hand…Who knew?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Greenhill Lake, evening.

Greenhill Lake, evening.

I love to take photos, I love reflections, I love images that are a little bit cryptic and mysterious. This weeks photo challenge is right up my street! Maybe I’ll add some more before the week is out, if time permits.

Reflections on a photograph

Reflections on a photograph

On a bright, sunshiny day, when the lilacs were in bloom, I noticed them beautifully reflected in the glass of a photo (of the Ararat train at night). I fetched the camera. One must seize these opportunities as they arise!

A door, a window.

A door, a window.

And again, on the photo of an old front door, the colour and the shape of  flowers and bottles  layered over the geometric lines of the old door.



No more disco

No more disco


Reflect. It’s good to reflect on things, mentally, as well as in the sense of a mirror. The Mixed media work behind the reflection came of a mental reflection on the life and death of a boy I knew at school, and an odd tangle of coincidences, or perhaps, synchronicities. I’ll take an image of the whole piece, and blog about it some day, in memory of John, who is just visible on the right hand side of the photo.