Ladies Bring A Plate II

Having decided to decorate the old plates, the second task was to decide what to put on them. We had gathered some old photos of events in the Hall when we produced a history book for the Hall’s Centenary celebration in 2014, and I had one of those in mind – it was taken in the old supper room.

I was able to edit it a little to bring up the details of the the food on the table. Once a circle is cut to fit the old dinner plate, some of that will disappear, unfortunately. I wonder if the plate it will be applied to is there in the photo?!Daryl's 21st 1

I thought it might be interesting to superimpose the photo of inside with that of outside. It took some tweaking before I was really happy with the result. Aligning the window in both images was the key.Hall pic_2-001as

I made the party image slightly transparent, so that the outside wall is just visible behind the party goers. The occasion was a 21st birthday party – look at that cake! The plate held by the lady in the foreground (the birthday boy’s grandmother, I think) is similar to the¬† bread and butter plates I have plans for…

Ladies Bring a Plate

Our local Hall in Moyston has had more than a hundred years of community social occasions, most of which would have been catered for by the ladies “bringing a plate”. We had fifty years of the Moyston Old Time Dance, held once a month in the Hall. It started out as a fundraiser to build the new supper room, and went on until 2016. Local clubs took turns to cater, making sandwiches on the night and “the ladies” donating cakes and slices. Moyston Hall was renowned throughout the district for the quality of the food.


When we moved here 34 years ago, there was the “new” supper room, with an old kitchen behind it. I remember it as being dark and dingy, with a copper in one corner that was used in days of yore to make bulk coffee on those social occasions. They enhanced the flavour with mustard, and who knows what else… I kid you not! Sadly, no one thought to take photos.

Assessing the crockery recently, some very old plates came to light, marked as belonging to the Hall, and judging from the style, dating from the 1930’s. I decided on the spot that we should do something to/with/on them, and an hour or two later, we had a plan to apply images relating to the history of the Hall to these plates, and to display them somehow.plates

The finished piece will be in celebration of all the plates of food served up and enjoyed over the years.

Friday Poem: Leaving Aberdeen

Aberdeen MuseumFebruary 20th would have been Kurt Cobain’s 47th birthday, and his hometown of Aberdeen Washington has decided to mark the date as “Kurt Cobain Day”, and embrace the memory and achievements of it’s formerly prodigal son. An event is taking ¬†place in the Historical Museum, and there’s a display in the Library – where Kurt took refuge from the famous weather as a teenager with nowhere else to go, and read widely.

Aberdeen Library

So for today’s poem, I’m posting what I wrote on the morning we left Aberdeen, around two and a half years ago…

Leaving Aberdeen
with its smell of log
trucks in the morning
Biodiesel public buses
Public art
Money lenders pawn
shops mega-banks
Where Rite-aid pharmacy
sells bulk liquor
And Safeway sells

I never saw Walt Whitman
here, or the ghost
of Kurt Cobain.

They have gone elsewhere,
Somewhere with more trees
and a wild river.Aberdeen mural

When we first got off the bus from Olympia, and walked to our motel, we wondered what the hell we’d come to Aberdeen for ( to see where Kurt Cobain came from, but apart from that…), but it quickly grew on us, and by the time we left, we were planning to return some day.Judy's

If only to get inside Judy’s Flea Market, with it’s teetering, beguiling piles of books and more books, LP’s and God only knows what else…

I got a bit carried away with the pictures this week, but any excuse to open up the “Trip” files, and relive a little of “The Trip of a Lifetime”. Can’t wait to go back there… Happy Kurt Cobain Day, Aberdeen, may you live long and prosper!