Creativity: Stamping around the PNW V

There are only two stamps left to go in my little book of PNW memories. We actually spent a couple of days in Port Angeles after Aberdeen, but I didn’t do any stamps there. The bus trip involved three buses, a porta loo (eeew) and most of a day spent travelling. We glimpsed quite a few places we want to investigate properly “next time”. Crescent Lake was a big surprise – how come we’d never heard of it, we wondered, as the road ran on and on alongside it. It was frustrating being in a bus – no chance of stopping for some considered photographs – just the gamble of drive-by shots, with Bryan eventually telling me when it was clear of trees and good to click.sept 2011 1275

We spent maybe half an hour in Forks, waiting for the next bus, without the slightest idea that the Twilight series was set there. Our motel in Port Angeles was (natch) up a hill,(thankfully my case has wheels) and it was…different. We saw the only deer of our trip when we were having breakfast there one morning – it was in someone’s garden across the road. There’s an awesome bagel bakery, and an excellent Indian restuarant, wonderful views of Mt Baker across the Juan de Fuca Striat – and a plastic horned owl on the roof of a hotel, which caused us some excitement until I looked through a zoom lens and realised the sad truth about our owl sighting!

From there we went by ferry to Victoria BC – and we were in Canada, if only just, for 3 nights before going back to Seattle and then on home. One of my “must sees’ on this trip was orcas, and so we went on one of the many whale watching tours out of Victoria. We traveled far and wide, some of the time in thick fog, before Geoff finally located a pod – and it was worth it!

We also visited the Butchart Gardens (I learned to pronounce the name properly from a Canadian who lives near us), which was a marvel, and ate at an Indian restaurant, and, just for a change, a Tibetan one.(Chocolate Blueberry Momos – I would go back to Victoria just to eat them again. mmmm)DSCF9624 (Large)

The back cover of the little book is the business card for the bead shop I visited in Aberdeen. I had plans to buy some beads, and make a pair of earrings for each place we went, but he plan fell down when I couldn’t find beads in Portland or Olympia.(You can see I still haven’t made the Aberdeen ones….) Olympia has Shipwreck Beads, but it’s hard to get to by public transport, and I’d had enough of long walks for a while – and been kicking myself since!

Have to go back – so much we missed, so much we want to see more of, so much we just want to see again – maybe carve more stamps, buy more beads, and take heaps more photos!

Creativity: Escape XXI

Escape ISome more pages this week from my altered book “Escape”.

The page on the left has a photo of sunset over the waters of Juan de Fuca Strait, taken in Port Angeles in 2011 – The Trip Of A Lifetime, which I aim to repeat…(The trip, not the lifetime). For a change, the old text is obscured with circular scribbles, apart from the words “live forever”, and sunset-y colours are washed over top. A prose poem is then written over a torn piece of yellow sticker. Variety is the spice of life, and also of altered and scrap books.

The right hand page has a sheet of hand made paper pasted over the text, and then that is painted over in pink with a dash of yellow. In keeping with the Pacific North West theme, I drew and painted pine trees at the top and bottom – the green of the trees matches the paper scrap with a quote of Jack Black on Kurt Cobain (more PNW…). A creativity Quote completes the page, along with a foxy face and a sweet little sticker.

Escape II


I’m getting towards the end of “Escape”, so soon I’ll have to find a new subject for these posts…Stay tuned.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Eerie 2

A different kind of eeriness today. I had a nice, nostalgic time looking through the many photos from ‘The Trip of a Lifetime’ for the ones I wanted. I didn’t find foggy Aberdeen, but I did find the shot from the rainy bus trip to the coast, and Mt St Helens sleeping fitfully under a sheet of cloud; a calm and beauteous evening in Olympia, the snow-capped peaks hovering on the skyline; an image of a Native American in a quiet forest clearing, watching; –  and last but not least, the Horned Owl perched on a hotel roof in Port Angeles. My (twitcher) husband was so excited, but I had my doubts, although I saw it move…The next morning, it was still there, and a better look through higher zoom revealed the dreadful truth. It was plastic. The sea gulls weren’t taken in by it, but it still looked eerie on its eyrie, with it’s weird yellow eyes!

Weekly Photography Challenge: Sea

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The sea has many moods, but I find it most appealing at sunset, and smooth as a millpond. Whilst in Washington State, I acquired a taste for views across water to enormous snowy volcanoes, and fell in love with the  tiny, piney islands of the San Juans, when we went on a whale watching tour, in search of a pod of Orcas (successful!).

Weekly Photography Challenge: The Golden Hour II

Well, no golden hour has eventuated round these parts (probably because it’s grey, rainy, windy winter, and the sun has been conspicuous by it’s absence for most of this week). So, I have visited the archives yet again, and brought back these images of Golden Hours from the past, some natural vistas, and some intimate interior shots, full of light and shade – which, after all, is what photography is all about!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Mt William sunset

Here’s Mt William, the not-particularly-big mountain beyond the very small town where I live, and beyond the mountain, the crescent moon, far, far away.

Mt ShadwellHere is Mt Shadwell, the extremely-small-‘mountain’ beyond Mortlake. Those are mobile-phone towers on the top, so you can see how big it isn’t.

Mt HoodMt Hood, a real mountain, beyond Portland, Oregon. I took this photo from the beautiful Japanese garden during our trip-of-a-lifetime last year.Mt Rainier from Olympia

Beyond the lake, beyond Olympia, Washington, and beyond some sixty miles, Mt Rainier, another real mountain, looms into the sky.Hurricane Ridge from the ferry

Looking back toward Port Angeles, and beyond the town and the strait, the (real) mountains of the Olympic Peninsula dominate  the view from the ferry. You can probably tell which of these people have seen it over and over again and which are the tourists and travelers!


space needle by night

On the last night of our visit, I leaned out the hotel window just a little, to take this photo of the Space Needle, beyond the intervening buildings and streets. We had walked to the Seattle Center enough times to know the way, and one of these days, we plan to go beyond Australia’s shores once more and have another (better) look around the Pacific Northwest!