Weekly Photography Challenge: Nostalgia – In The Pines

negs-set-2csAs I was walking my daughter’s dog last week, I wandered over to a stand of pines, picked a sprig and sniffed it _”Ah, Pine tree!”, and, to my surprise, immediately burst into tears. When I was little, my Dad spent his days slicing pine logs into boards, and that smell both brought him to life and reminded me that he died recently. So, the weekly photography challenge theme is “Nostalgia”, and my answer is “In the pines”.

Monterey pines were widely planted (in plantations) in Victoria in the fifties, and there was a plantation near home – The Piney, or “Plan pinetation”, as my little brother called it. The trees were cut down (harvested) by the Forest Commission , and then Dad would go out and collect his logs, using the old Blitz crane.s

I didn’t take this photo – it’s about as old as I am. Mum gave me some old negatives, because I was looking for old photos of Dad’s Commer truck. I didn’t have a proper film scanner, but thought it was worth trying the ordinary flatbed scanner and found it worked fairly well, so long as the images weren’t too light (meaning the negs are dark). I recently did some editing of the image, as I’d decided to have it printed on canvas, as a memento of Dad.

Canberra is blessed with many walking tracks, and the one near my daughter’s home passes through a ‘tunnel’ of pine trees. I took the camera for a walk to them, for these nostalgic pine tree images. They bring back memories of a day when Dad took several kids, including two boys who were vising my aunt, and we all spent the day out in the pines playing while Dad collected his logs. I remember beating out primitive rhythms on a granite tor with thick pine sticks, and flattening one of the visiting boys with a rugby tackle. I guess I was about 11. In retrospect, it wasn’t an ideal childcare arrangement, but we all survived, even that unfortunate boy…

And here’s a little more nostalgia…aka In The Pines.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Nostalgic I

More nostalgia – first, for “The Trip of a Lifetime” ( which we hope to repeat). Photos here are from Seattle, Portland, Aberdeen and parts between. And one I didn’t take, but, (sigh), I miss the (early) 90’s…

Dad's old truck


This is my Dad’s old truck. When it wasn’t ‘old’ it was a part of my childhood. One of my earliest memories is of travelling in the middle seat (made by Dad just for me) between my parents, the hot engine warming my feet.Sweet woodbine

Near home, in the middle of ‘bush’ there was the remains of an old house and it’s garden. My favourite thing there was a sweet woodbine – I would go there in spring just to smell it and bring home a few twigs. Now I have a plant in my own garden.saucy

Another fond childhood memory, filled with nostalgia, is of a day when my Mum baked bread, and my Grandma-next-door made tomato sauce. We ate fresh sauce spread on fresh bread…mmmmmm. Today I made some tomato sauce, and although the bread was bought from a bakery, the combination is still delicious, and a trip down memory lane for the taste buds.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Nostalgic

I can be nostalgic over so many things, and I may yet do another post , but we’ve had a few fine, cold, frosty mornings lately, which bring back fond, nostalgic childhood memories. Castlemaine was a good place for frosts, and I loved to go out in search of frozen puddles to crack, and crunchy white grass to skid across. Now these things are a chilly photo opportunity!