Weekly Photography Challenge: Circle

What better images could I find to represent the circle of life, new beginnings and possibility than of tiny Matilda, born on Christmas Eve, just as the old year was winding down. Even though she was soundly and resolutely asleep, she wound her way into every heart in the room…

I also found these pics from Narrapumelap, a splendid old house that has been slowly and lovingly restored from wreck to tourist attraction and accommodation place. We have visited from time to time over about 25 years, and it’s always a pleasure to see it better than the time before. There are several circular windows, in the tower and above the entrance hall. One stained glass window, high above the hall, was saved from vandalism by the now owner when he was a schoolboy – he scrambled up on the roof and covered it, so it wouldn’t tempt the destructive intruders.

Its a fascinating old place with an unusual history, and well worth a visit if you can get to Wickcliffe in western Victoria – visit the website for details.

Weekly Photography Challenge: On Top

Narrrapumulap 3This week’s photography challenge theme is “On Top’, whatever you want to make of that. Seeking inspiration in my back-catalogue, I came across a collection of photos from a visit to Narrapumelap, an amazing French Gothic-style homestead near the tiny hamlet of Wickliffe in western Victoria. We have visited every few years for over twenty – and enjoyed seeing the slow progress of restoration from a vandalised ruin. It’s not finished yet, but you can stay there now in what was once storerooms and is now a comfortable B&B set up.

The grandest feature of the building is the tower on top. Here is a view from up there of the roof of the house  and the large walled enclosure behind. Narrrapumulap 1

Our last visit was the first time that the tower was deemed safe enough for people to go up. I was standing on the tiny balcony to take these two photos – the second being one of the incredibly romantic little round windows of the tower. Originally there was a peaked roof on the tower, and putting it back is the owners next big project.

Narrrapumulap 2If you are ever in the area (it’s quite close to Hamilton), its a fascinating place to visit – private tours can be arranged, as well as accommodation, as well as the open days a couple of times a year. If you do visit, make sure you’ve got your camera!