Weekly Photography Challenge: Morning Morgen

I could have chosen photos of sunrise, or breakfast for the “morning” Photography Challenge, but we have a resident cat named Morgen (“morning” in German), and I thought I’d have plenty of morning photos of her invading my warm bed. And I have! Many of them were taken with a phone camera, because I was still in bed myself, and the phone was handy.

A typical morning routine is – I get up and give her breakfast, make mine and take it back to bed. Then she tries to get a warm  spot, which may involve sitting on me if she can.

You may notice two photos are almost the same, apart from a brownish patch on her flank – the result of sitting much too close to a radiator on a frosty morning. I didn’t realise just how singed she was until she had groomed off all the burnt tips of guard hairs, revealing her pretty apricot undercoat! I guess she couldn’t tell how hot her fur was getting through her winter insulating coat. Oooops!

Friday Poem:Morning Song

So, Friday again already. I woke up early last Sunday morning in Melbourne, to the songs of birds…morning branch

In the morning
Magpie’s liquid songs
Poured in libation
To the rising  sun god
Are spilled on the damp earth.

A scientist may say
It is a song
Only about territory
But to my poet’s ears
It sounds like joy.

morningI couldn’t find a photo of a magpie, let alone a magpie in Melbourne in the morning – so I’ve chosen some ‘morning’ pictures instead. They are all taken around home, not in the metropolis. I might have enjoyed the dawn chorus last weekend, but I didn’t get out of bed to try to document it in pictures!


We haven’t had a frost yet this year, but no doubt we will have some in time. We’d better get the chimney cleaned before then…not that Canadians or Alaskans think our frosty mornings are all that chilly!

Weekly Photography Challenge: Good Morning!

Morning in Perth… Last night’s dishes wait in the sink. Inside the house we could be anywhere, lost in baby-time, but out front is a busy road. There’s lots of washing to do with a baby in the house, but this morning it was raining.  As for Juniper, morning, noon or night is of no interest, she can eat, wake or sleep as she pleases.