Friday Poem: Moon

There was splendid full moon last night (and a lovely crispy crunchy frost this morning…), which I think is sufficient reason to share this poem from some years ago. It’s been a busy week, and I haven’t been to that place where the Hums are, so the back catalogue it is…oct2010 034 (Large)

The moon transforms
warm flesh to marble
as cold and white and lovely
as her face.

The moon reveals
in her obscure light
a beauty never seen
by light of day.

The lowliest
and ugliest
is transfigured
by her touch

oct2010 350 (Large)

Having chosen the poem, the next challenge was – .what photos can I use to illuminate it? I have hundreds of photos in dozens of folders, and no actual filing system in place to enable me to find anything…(I’m an artist, not an organiser). Luckily, the picture pixies were on my side, and I found a photo of the actual moon in the very first folder I looked in. Fate! Then I cheated a little, and chose two mysterious-looking images to make up the numbers.oct2010 229 (Large)

I was taking (yet another ) photo of the spectrum, when I became distracted by how cool the effect of the sunlight through my specs was!

Friday Poem: Moonshine

It was a windy moonlit night, and I was awake. I don’t know what woke me, but once I’d noticed the bright moonlight flickering through the wind blown leaves, I lay awake for some time just watching it – and composing a poem in my head. There was no pen handy on the bedside table, so, too lazy to get up and find one, I instead rehearsed the lines over and over while I dozed off again, hoping to remember it when I woke in the morning. I have found that this is a good technique for doing away with unnecessary words and ideas, since I tend to forget whatever isn’t really vital…


It’s after 2am:
The full bright moon
is sending me signals
from behind the
photinia tree.

It must be moon code:
the dashes and dots
of diamond brightness
dart between the leaves.

I wish I knew
what she’s
trying to tell me.


I’ve found two photos of the moon – the second reflected in a mirror ball, and to complete a trio, the seed pods of Lunaria annua, which reliably appears in my garden year after year, all by itself. honesty

When the outer layer and the seeds are peeled away, the remaining central membrane looks like a little full moon – a silvery white disc, once popular in dried flower arrangements.

Friday Poem: Brink

“A masterpiece is not the result of sudden inspiration, but the product of a lifetime of thought.”

Virginia Woolf


Meditating or sleeping
I am hovering on the edge
Of something almost understood.
What is it?
I turn my head;
It disappears
Just beyond my grasp,
just beyond comprehension,
Just beyond realisation.
It is a light
I glimpse but cannot see;
A solidity that dissolves
Before my touch.

If I can make myself
Quiet and empty enough
Perhaps it will enter
By itself.window

Sometimes things just won’t come together, and it all seems like too much struggle. Sometimes there’s no time to do all the things I want to do, and the would-be masterpieces are nothing but vague ideas, bubbling away gently on the back-burner of my mind. That’s a really good time to let everything go, to just sit (or walk) and be mindful, to flow in the effortless way of a river. Eventually, things will become clear again by themselves.

I hope.

red moon 2

That’s the eclipse of the moon, a couple of nights ago. Eventually it came back, all by itself!

Weekly Photography Challenge: Nighttime

This weeks challenge is all about nighttime, which is not generally the best time to take photos – not the conventional happy-snap kind, especially. However, for the moody, mysterious and unpredictable, it’s perfect!nighttime 1

This one I took while waiting for a bus to take my daughter and me home after a movie in Thornbury. It was very quiet and a bit spooky on the side street. I liked the pattern of light and shade, and the sense that something might happen (our bus arriving, preferably!)…a moon with sparks

We’ve had a couple of bonfires this winter. the second one coincided with a bright moon, so we entertained ourselves by trying to get shots with the sparks and the moon in one shot – which involved getting down on the damp grass, since the moon was so high in the sky. Absolutely worth the effort, I think!nighttime 3

A couple of nights later, the moon was shining in my window, and I spent some time trying to get a decent shot while lying in bed…Obviously, I would have had a clearer result if I’d gone and got the tripod, but I wouldn’t have such a mysterious and ambiguous image as this.nighttime 2

On the window sill is a trio of coloured glass vases with knitting needles in them. The moonlight reveals the colour in the glass, while leaving everything else in greys. Again, a tripod shot wouldn’t be so blurred, but that wasn’t the effect I was looking for.fairy lit owl

Photography has been described as “painting with light”, but light is meaningless without darkness and shadow to make it visible. I guess my favourite nighttime photography involves a little light and a lot of dark, and exploring the relationship between the two. And digital photography means that it doesn’t matter how many duds there are before achieving “the one”!

Friday Poem: Poem

That’s not much of a poem title, I’m afraid, but that’s what I called it, and it will have to do…a moon with sparks

For you I have no indifference
For you I would tear out the stars
And cast down the sea.
For you I would know everything
And then forget it
Because there is nothing
more than you.

You are burning in the stars
And awash in the sea
No mere torches will find you
But I have found you
Hidden in the stillness
Of my heart.

a moon with sparks 2

We had a bonfire last night, hence the photos of sparks rising to the moon. I took a lot of pictures (one of the great advantages of digital!) because flames are just as compelling for us as any cave-person ancestor. This one of my son feeding the fire and seemingly becoming part of it may well be my favourite – and not something I could have predicted or planned…alex on fire

Daily Prompt: Karma Chameleon

Today’s prompt asks writers to talk about Karma – if you knew it was a real phenomenon, how would it affect your behaviour –  but for artists, poets and photographers, the prompt is much simpler – Circles.

Circles may come in many forms, such as the giant basket-work structure, or the moon,  but they are all, by definition, capable of revolution.