Just Do Something

Not quite ready for sleep after going to see the movie  ‘Bernie’, I  decided to draw for a bit before I settled down for the night. I picked my favourite subject, a random photo, and made a drawing. I think it’s pretty good, and if I’d known, I would have used decent paper. That’s what often happens when I just dash something off, with no particular intentions! I’m not the only one, either. Some of very successful songs were ‘just dashed off’ at the last minute – there’s a freshness and spontaneity that can be hard to achieve with more considered work. Coldplay’s “Yellow” is one such song.

I’m going to get a thermofax screen made of this image, and I might make a print block as well. Draw every day, I was told once by an elderly artist, write every day wrote Julia Cameron , do something that matters to you every day (that was me) . Then there’s Ian MacKay, of Washington DC band, Minor Threat, who said “We all decided that this is it, Revolution Summer. Get a band, get active, write poetry,write books, paint, take photos, just do something.” Wise words! Have yourself a Revolution Summer everyday. You never know when you’ll do something special.

Ian MacKay quote


I made a little mixed media book, using the MacKay quote as text, just to remind myself, whatever else is going on, whatever the distractions, just do something every day. So I just did.