Weekly Photography Challenge: Letters

This weeks challenge theme is “letters”, and I have lots of those! letters

As an artist with a love of text, and a writer with a love of art supplies, I naturally have a weakness for sets of alphabet stamps, and if they are cheap and cheerful ones for kids, like these colourful foam ones- I don’t mind at all.

letters 3

The “type -type alphabet in the box came from an art supply store in Portland, Oregon. I was very, very restrained in there – nothing like having to put everything in a suitcase and carry it for making one think twice about purchases! The other two are “cheap shop” bargains, and every bit as useful as the dearer sort!

letters 4 letters 5


The tissue paper under the box is from a burrito – I kept it because I really liked the way the text is laid out, and it had to be useful for something – like this post, for instance!

letters 2

I also have a little drawer, in which are stored appealing sentences from some of the old books I’ve altered. I keep them with vague intentions of one day using them to create the text of a hand-made book. There’s always something on the back-burner, waiting for its moment to arrive!

Friday Poem: Post

true powerI am burning my letters
to you,
My difficult dangerous letters;
All the ones that I wrote
in the light;
All the ones that I wrote
in the dark;
And the ones that I can’t read
At all,
I am burning and sending
to you.
All the letters I’ve written in blood;
All the letters I’ve written with tears;
And the ones I did not write at all;

I have burnt them
and sent them
to you.

loving and abundant


Images are of pages in an artist book I have made, titled “Basic”.