Weekly Photography Challenge: Unusual

I like to take photos of things that I think are unusual, so maybe my challenge response should be a photo of something…ordinary.

That lemon is off our own tree, and it’s very ordinary indeed. So ordinary that it’s actually unusual, but not much use as a lemon, sadly. The normal one behind is purchased.

The jar contains many pieces of broken china, which I have picked up over the years around our local area. People must have used anywhere outside as a rubbish dump back in the Good Old Days, but only china and glass remain, fortunately. I’m fascinated by the patterns.

I don’t think it was me who added the Lego pirate to the vignette on my desk – he appears to be patting the Chipmunk, which is not to scale with him, or the Bison. Quite unusual, really!


Daily Prompt: Food

A quiet afternoon in Perth, just me in the kitchen. There’s a basket of lemons from the tree in the yard.
There’s that vegan lemon meringue pie filling to try again – I think it will pass for lemon curd, so I’d better make pancakes as well…
And since there are so many lemons, another batch of home-made lemonade. Better put on some music – a Nirvana show from 24 years ago fits the bill…

Of course, all actions have consequences, and here is a sink full of consequences…


As well as cooking and sharing food, I also like to paint pictures of it sometimes. This is a page of my ‘Perth Journal’, illustrated with a lemon, a broad-bean, a chili and a couple of strawberries – all things I’ve eaten lots of during my stay in Perth.Perth Journal page