Weekly Photography Challenge: Travel Guide

The challenge this week is to share some of the attractions of ones home town and play Travel Guide. Our town is tiny – hamlet might be a better word for it – but we do have a lovely old Hall, recently upgraded with nice new toilets and a storeroom, which houses a collection of photos of district pioneers.

I was walking down that dusty road this afternoon when I noticed that the neighbours were out and about at the bottom of the lane. There were two kookaburras also, but by the time I’d hurried home and back with a camera, there was only one.

For seven long years we were without a shop, and had to remember what we needed in Ararat, or do without. Now we have it back, and it has transformed into a cafe with excellent coffee and above average food. The deck was built several years ago, and I for one have been waiting (as patiently as possible…) for the Saturday morning when I could walk a couple of blocks for coffee and the paper out there, overlooking the oval and the passing traffic. coffee time

Science tells us that coffee taken before exercise is a good thing, and if you are going to the Gramps, obviously you’ll be taking a walk or two, maybe climbing some rocks. So, if you are on your way through here to Halls Gap and the Grampians, I advise you to stop at our shop (Moyston General Store) and enjoy a leisurely coffee first, for your own good.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Time

Time waits for no one, we all know that, but a person with a camera can try to capture some sense of time passing in pictures, and that is the Weekly Photography Challenge for this week. There is less than a week – and a heavy downpour – between the first photo here and the other two. If only I’d known the fire was going to come, I could have had a “before the fire” pic as well…

I’m also sharing a gallery of photos of the effects of time on a vehicle left to the vagaries of time and weather for years and years. Rust and decay, mainly! Considering where it is, I suspect it got bogged so thoroughly in wet sandy soil, that it was abandoned where it lay. Sad, but so photogenic!

Friday Poem: Autumn Haiku

It’s cold, it’s autumn, so here’s an autumn haiku, written on a cold and windy day. We’ve had a few showers of rain, and things are looking a little greener, thankfully. Here’s hoping we get a good, wet winter to fill up the dams and rainwater tanks before summer rolls around again…IMG_4190 (Large)

Grey morning cold wind
My hair hanging in my eyes
I remembered you.

IMG_4220 (Large)

Here is a photo of our neighbours – Luckily I had my camera handy when I disturbed them one morning recently. Unlike the wallabies, kangaroos generally prefer grass, and stay away from our garden.our neighbours

Weekly Photography Challenge: Dreamy

Dream a little dream, dream on, beautiful dreamer, this week the Photography Challenge theme is “Dreamy”.  This weekend, I had a day Home Alone, which is my favourite kind of day, and a dream come true…It was a beautiful warm spring day, kangaroos in the paddock and blossom on the quince tree. I made proper coffee and drank it in the shade of the plum tree, picked flowers to take inside and generally enjoyed myself. I’ve edited some of the photos I took to enhance their dreamy quality.

I also caught up on the ironing, did a couple of loads of washing and other hausfrau type activities – but that wasn’t so dreamy!