Weekly Photography Challenge: Treasure

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also…do I remember that correctly? Anyway, the challenge this week is for a photo portraying “treasure” -what do you treasure, what is important to you? One person’s trash is another’s treasure, and vice versa – which gives rise to the joy of Op-shopping, and bargain hunting in markets.

Once-upon-a-time in our rural hamlet, it meant the slightly extreme sport of “Tip-ratting” – people took their rubbish and unwanted goods to “the tip”, and tossed them into the pile, where other tip-users could, if so inclined, poke around in search of treasures amongst the trash. Since the trash generally included such hazards as the remains of home killed sheep, broken glass and assorted rusty, spider-ridden metal, treasure hunters needed stout footwear and a hardy constitution.

On one such visit, my husband found a jewelers box, with this necklace and earring set inside. It was in perfect condition, although out of fashion at the time. It is ‘only’ costume jewelry, of no great monetary value, but it has been worn many times for dress-ups and looks incredibly posh, especially when you consider where it came from.

Last weekend, I searched for and found the set, to wear to our Community Hall’s Centenary Ball, with the sapphire blue gown I bought at an op shop/thrift store. Perfect!

Weekly Photography Challenge: Foreshadowing

Everything in these pictures in the foreshadowing of something else! Erasers become stamps, with the help of wood carving tools,  beads and bits of wire become jewelry,  Then there are bits of rusty metal, old washers, kooky dolly shoes, odd earrings picked up in the street…Who knows what they foreshadow? Only time will tell!