illumination on illumination

LanternThe first photo of my Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination, is a close-up of this little paper lantern, more strongly lit from within. I more or less followed the instructions in the November/December issue of Cloth Paper Scissors ( Since I read the instructions, made a start, and then didn’t look back at said instructions until I’d nearly finished, mine is definitely my own version!lantern 2

It is made from one sheet of paper, folded and with a slit in the middle, and with four windows cut out and covered with something translucent. Decorate as desired, and put a light inside – battery tea-light recommended – although I guess you’d be safe with a small candle inside a glass votive cup – just don’t leave it unattended.

lantern 3If one used red paper and decorated with hearts etc, it would make a sweet valentine for someone, don’t you think?



Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination.

Lit from within


Well, the weekly photo challenge ( subject for this week is “Illumination”, and I love to take pictures of light, so my only problem is choosing. The one above I actually took especially!
smokey sunrise

These next
three I scanned from old prints, taken in the good old days when I had a (working) SLR film camera, and a wonderful macro lens.  The smokey sunrise followed a ‘burn-off’ near our house, and the red sun almost nestling in the agave flower spike was too good to ignore.

heart full of light

This one was a result of playtime – no kids home . I covered the window to allow only one bright ray of sunshine to fall on a spot on the floor, and then fiddled with the wire and crystal hearts to get the effect of radiant illumination.

sunlit gem

A chunk of tumbled stone – the kind sold in hippy-shops   – placed in a bright ray of sunshine, once again, and acting as a crude lens, concentrating the brightness to a pool of illuminationApple blossom

Back to the digital, with it’s auto focus that doesn’t always obey me – hence the soft focus on the blossom. However, I still like the image for the soft illumination of the flowers and leaves. I think it’s quite evocative of spring.