Friday Poem: Where I’m Coming From

I haven’t posted a poem for ages, but I’m back for today, at least. I’ve been asked (several times) where my antecedents came from, as if it mattered to who I am. But I don’t believe it matters very much where a great great grandparent was born. What matters is how you love.IMG_20170518_172123_919

I am born of earth.
I am human,
Made of stardust and love.

I don’t care
where you or your forebears
came from;
we are all out of Africa and ash.

I care about
Peace Love Empathy
Justice, Compassion
Freedom and Joy.

I respect the compassionate.
My heart bleeds for the withered hearts
that only know hatred and fear.

I am bodhisattva;
I am of earth
to earth I shall return.IMG_20160711_191930

Weekly Photography Challenge: Humanity


The challenge this week is to come up with something about ‘humanity’, which is very broad and open to interpretation. Thirdeyemom, who came up with the challenge, shared a gallery of photos of people from various countries and cultures from her travels. I decided to go with humanity’s ¬†love of music, and stories in the form of songs.

I trawled through all my files to choose these pics – all of occasions where people gathered in the open air to enjoy music together. Except for the busker, who took the music to the people, and hoped that some of them would appreciate his efforts, and drop a contribution into his guitar case. The two shots from Seattle show an elderly and very colourful old man who came supplied with pieces of bright sheer fabrics, and the fellow¬†members of the audience he cajoled to dance and twirl with them. They didn’t last long though – too self-conscious!