Weekly Photography Challenge: Treat

The theme of “Treat” for the Weekly Photography Challenge in Halloween week is no surprise, considering the traditional catch-cry of “Trick or treat”.  Celebrating Halloween is a fairly recent notion in Australia –  I’d barely heard of it as a child. I think the Great Pumpkin in the Peanuts cartoon was my main association for it.

Things have changed, and now shops are enthusiastically stocking decorations and costumes, even special pumpkins, although it is spring here and not the right season for any of it!

Children in out little town can join in the fun of dress-ups (and candy) as a special treat, because a couple of enthusiastic young mums hire and decorate the local Hall for a family Halloween Party. It’s only 2 hours, and in broad daylight, but with spookiness laid on along with tasty treat foods, and more witches than you can poke a stick at…

Bryan and I didn’t have any little kids as an excuse, but we went along anyway, and I had fun trying to get some good photos of the event. It wasn’t particularly dark, but I went for longer exposure times to try to capture ghostly presences as the kids darted about on the dance floor. It was a treat for everyone who went, with a bag of candy at the end for the younglings.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Off-Season

Lat week in Canberra, the nearby supermarket was selling bunches of ravishing pale pink peonies (3 for $18), along with other unseasonal flowers. I was tempted to take photos, but didn’t…then really wished I had when I discovered that  “Off Season” was the theme for the photography challenge this week. Here is what I found instead…

Withered white roses from my father-in-law’s funeral service last month, an off-season Southern hemisphere  June rose bud covered in water drops and our mouldering little jack-o-lantern. We celebrated Halloween in April, which was the right season, but ‘wrong’ time of year. I was away from home for more than 3 weeks, and of course my husband didn’t notice the vase of dead roses…I thought they were kind of pretty, in a macabre way!

Weekly Photography Challenge: Eerie 3

Today, some eerie pictures taken in Perth. Near the house is a street light that casts its baleful yellow glare in the windows all night long. At dusk by the sea, the Norfolk pines cast eerie silhouettes and shadows towards the tall buildings. In the kitchen, the black cat casts her baleful yellow gaze at the crazy woman who is kneeling on the floor before her, camera in hand. Yes, sunny Perth has an eerie side…

I don’t have a photo for this,  but I have to share the sad story of a Halloween pumpkin, and it’s grisly fate in sunny Perth. The local supermarket sold out of special Halloween pumpkins, and last Wednesday, I spotted one of them on top of the high brick pillar of a house I walk past on my way to the shops. Last Wednesday was Perth’s equal-second hottest October day on record at 37.2C (98.96F), and that poor Jack sat in the sun all day . On Thursday (Halloween), it had caved in a little on one side. By the weekend, it had collapsed in a sorry heap, presumably squishy and fermented. Today, a week after I had smiled to see it, any orange eeriness has completely disappeared, and it is just a strange flattened disc on top of a high brick post – his glory, like that of Shelley’s Ozymandias, utterly faded away and forgotten…Nothing beside remains: round the decay of that foetid wreck, the lone and level streets stretch far way…I told you it was a sad story…


Friday Poem: Metaphor

I’m reading an interesting book –“I Is An Other – The secret life of metaphor and how it shapes the way we see the world”, by James Geary. Then, last night (Halloween!) I had this weird and creepy dream…When I woke up, I thought

I dream in metaphor
The headless man
Massively muscular, slicked in sweat,
His thick neck a healed stump…

I dream in metaphor
I’m in his place
But how can I tell him?
He has no head, he has no ears…
He sits and I need to get out from under…

I dream in metaphor
Swamped by the headless man
I work myself free…
MY husband stands watching
I’m trapped, but he’s jealous…
I say “You must be joking!
He’s a rugby league player!”
And I slide to the floor.

I dream in metaphor
And now I’m awake…

What the hell did that MEAN?! tea cup