Frosty Morning

With the ending of the Weekly photography Challenge, I am at a bit of a loss – clearly I need to challenge myself (or find another weekly prompt…) We had a good frost this morning, and I challenged my toes by going out to take photos in bare feet.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Oooh Shiny!

One of the attractions of photography is trying to capture those Oooh Shiny! moments for posterity, or perhaps to share with someone else who would have been equally distracted (and still can be, thanks to you and your camera).

Yesterday morning I had plans in place to wash walls in preparation for painting…but there was ‘good’ frost, so the plans went on the backburner for a while. I had to go and feed my son’s cat, and I kept my focus long enough to feed him before I got waylaid by icy cactus spines, dewdrops (almost gave up on that one, the camera wouldn’t stay focused…) and violets that looked like they’re frosted with sugar.

I finished my painting this afternoon, so I didn’t get distracted for too long…

Friday Poem:Road Song

It’s winter “downunder”, and our capital, Canberra, is a long way from the moderating influence of the sea – which means plenty of frosty mornings, hopefully followed by bright clear sunshine. On such days the afternoons seem quite warm, even though the thermometer says otherwise…sunshine

We are leaving
On a frosty
Canberra morning;
7.30 and minus 2 –
So beautiful
and so cold.

On the homeward bus
Dozing in a sunbeam
Beautifully warm.sun and shadow

These two photos were taken on the day before we left – it was only about 10C, but it seemed much, much warmer in the sun!

When we left, the grass was crisply white, and wisps of fog around the hills were lit up with golden light from the rising sun. We moved twice on the bus, trying to escape the aching brilliance of morning light on our faces, but the warmth was very welcome.frost

The view from my daughter’s dining room window – it’s usually green over beyond the fence…

Weekly Photography Challenge: Macro

This week in the Photography Challenge, it’s time to get up-close and personal in macro , with “Close Up” the theme. i have enjoyed macro photography ever since my late father-in-law gave me an old SLR camera and a set of macro lenses more than thirty years ago. The old film cameras (I’ve had several…) all wore out, and those vintage lenses don’t fit on my modern cameras, but they do have a macro function (a factor in choosing a digital in the first place). I can’t always get as close as I’d like, but I get by, and I have fun trying…

First I got as close as I  could with a popular subject – food and coffee! I quickly discovered a snag with taking a close-up of freshly brewed coffee – the lens fogs up! I’m having a love affair with lime marmalade at the moment, so that’s what’s on the toast. I bought the stack of china plates at the op shop/thrift store where I volunteer. Sadly, there were no cups to match any of them. Maybe next week…

And here is some nature up-close – probably the favourite (and vast) subject for macro. First, frost on the buds and leaves of a shrub, and two shots of a beautiful case-moth I found this morning – it looks quite like a Chinese lantern made from brown silk.

Friday Poem: Ordinary Things

We had (another) frost this morning, but with the clearest of skies and brilliant sunshine, it would be hard to complain about the icy start to the day. The temperature climbed to the high teens (Celsius) in the afternoon, bringing sweet promises of spring just around the corner…but not just yet, I suspect.frosty morning 3

I can’t write all the time
Of sorrow, grief and love and pain,
Sex and Death
The Great Themes of poetry:
Well worn and self-renewing,
The Happy Hunting Grounds
Of countless poets;
Fertile fields fresh-sown
And constantly reaped;
Always compelling, large and intimate.

Sometimes I must write
Of ordinary things:
But even ordinary things
The common garden clay,
Weather and clouds and days,
Nod more than a little
With familiar courtesy
To the same Great Themes –
Comfort and grief and love and death
Really are ordinary things;
No topic is unfit for poetry.
The magic lies in
How you look at things.frosty morning

I took my camera out into the frosty morning, even though I thought that maybe there was nothing new to see in it. However the brilliant sunshine behind the trees was ravishingly beautiful. And, back inside and thawing out my fingers, I found the winter sunlight just as lovely in the kitchen.

frosty morning 2

In photography. as in poetry, the magic lies in how you look at things!

Weekly Photography Challenge: Zigzag

This weeks challenge invites us to share photos the celebrate the twisting and winding, as against the sensible (dull) straight line between two points. We had a good frost this morning, so I took the camera along on my walk, to see what I might see that would fit in with the ‘zigzag’ idea…

frost 12

Twisty wire on the MCG fence seems to fit the bill nicely.frost 14

Frost-bitten barbed wire even more so.frost 6

Frost covered  chicken wire is surprisingly beautiful, so there’s a twist for you – lots of twists in the actual wire as well!


And here are a few more frosty pictures. My footprints leading to the chook-shed, frozen puddle, frozen weeds, and a frozen jonquil, harbinger of spring, and very tough!

Friday Poem:Wild Night

We’ve been having Weather lately – cold, wet, windy, snow on the Grampians this morning, some frost, hail, plenty of icy rain…chilly

Listen to that:
The wind and rain in the wild night:
The wind chimes clonking:
The water rushing and purling in the gutters
And cateracting from the spout
Where the tank was and now isn’t,
Dashing to the bricks below:
The wind tears at the trees
And scrapes and groans around the house:
Listen to that.

It’s so good to be inside
In a warm bed
On a wild wet night.chilly 2

Poor Morgen has been a nervous wreck today, what with sudden squalls of wind and sharp showers of rain and hail, but she has herself a nice cosy spot on the couch, so it’s not all bad…chilly 3

Friday Poem: In Praise of Autumn Mornings

Not only is it Friday again already, but it’s already May again as well, with autumn well under way here in Victoria. There was a bit of a frost yesterday morning, and the old glory vine was glowing in shades of crimson in the afternoon sunlight. This is a poem I wrote some time ago – 33 years, in fact. Time flies – hard to imagine now, but Simon was not yet six, and Tristan was not yet born…Glory vine

The light is clear and shadowless, but dim;
The sun a silver honesty pod behind the fog;
The air is cold and sharp, the earth damp;
My breath plumes behind me as I walk:
Mornings such as this I was born for.

April 30 1981frosty (Small)

P.S. Tristan was born 20 days later. I am a little less keen on foggy mornings – they seem colder and damper somehow…

I still like to go out and get pictures of frost, though! So pretty!

Weekly Photography Challenge: Nostalgic

I can be nostalgic over so many things, and I may yet do another post , but we’ve had a few fine, cold, frosty mornings lately, which bring back fond, nostalgic childhood memories. Castlemaine was a good place for frosts, and I loved to go out in search of frozen puddles to crack, and crunchy white grass to skid across. Now these things are a chilly photo opportunity!