Weekly Photography Challenge: Shine

I do like shiny things (and rusty things, as it happens), and I annoy my husband by stopping to pick up shiny bits and pieces in public places (what will people think! Don’t care – it’s shiny, and if it’s got a hole in it, all the better). So I have collection of things that shine, but I hadn’t necessarily taken photos, until this challenge suggested it.

A lot of things I’ve picked up have gone into (onto?) junk charm bracelets. That’s my own one. The tiny disc I’ve placed ‘up’ is a Chinese coin I found on our  dirt road after exceptionally heavy rain. Maybe it was dropped by a Chinese miner during the Gold Rush, or maybe a school kid lost it on the way to Show and Tell…I’ll never know. It’s so worn that the design on it is impossible to decipher. In the shadow box is a glittery piece of shattered glass, and below that, my two dichroic glass rings, which, on separate occasions, winked and shone at me so desperately, I had to buy them.

Then we have three things that shine and which caught my eye. The red lid is a child’s toy, without it’s pot, the hammered copper is the remains of a necklace, and the little Scots thing seems to be handmade and missing some of it’s feathers.All a bit broken, all quite lovely (and shiny).

Friday Poem:Winter Morning


On certain clear sky
winter mornings
the late-rising sun
shines clear across
where I sleep –
bursts through
the eastern window
bright on to the curtain
of the window

The shadows cast themselves
from trees and leaves
and feathers on dream-catchers –
blown by the rising wind
leaf shadows
a morning puppet show.IMG_20160709_094218

The photo at the top is of those shadows, dancing on the curtain. The second pic is the feathers on a dream catcher – made for me by my son’s partner, Janina, and finally – a spectral shadow of flowers from when bright sunshine was split into its component colours by a piece of faceted glass. I think I have at least one in every window on the sunny sides of our house.




Creativity: Carving It Up Some More

I was going to write a Creativity Post about taking one’s makings to markets, but  I went into my workroom instead of the study, and did a print of my dad’s old Commer truck, from a stamp I did a couple of years ago. I made it in two colours, by selectively inking the surface. I think I need to have another go…IMG_6522 (Large)

I’d pulled out several stamps, including a leaf than had a drawing of a ginko leaf on the reverse, which I hadn’t “got around to” carving. So I did it there and then, and made a print. I’m pretty happy with it!IMG_6521 (Large)

I’ll have to look out for a buttery gold ink to print it in, to match the ginko’s autumn colour.IMG_6524 (Large)

The large feather is another design I’m revisiting, but the little feather and peonies I’ve done this week, and used to do some tags to take to the Makers Markets. Every pic I’ve taken of the peony carving has turned out soft and unfocused! I more or less copied the flowers from a vintage kimono piece, which I’ve made into a small purse, and use as a cosy for my Tablet.IMG_4874 (Large)

Of course, they are reversed from the original, which isn’t very important for flowers, but vital for text!

Weekly Photography Challenge: Focus

Fly in focus

Just one pic of the daffodil, but there’s a little fly on it!

I played around inside, and in the garden (it hasn’t rained for several days, and the sun’s been shining! Spring!).

My camera doesn’t have any manual focus option, so it was a real challenge to get it to focus on different  aspects of one view.  Some of my attempts I discarded because the two shots were almost identical, and others because they were just lousy pictures. More than anything, it has shown me the limitations of my camera, but I had fun trying to overcome them!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

amorous frogsThis weeks Photo challenge theme is “Kiss”.

There are many kinds of kiss, but for some reason I don’t seem to have taken pictures.

So I took my camera for walk in the house and garden.

Here are the kisses I found.

First the very romantic frog kiss.

feathers and kiss

Then the Dutch couple.

The cocky feathers make it look like a really good kiss!

improbable kiss

Then there’s a couple of flying pigs, in an unlikely , tail-curling kiss.

Chip and RattyIn the lounge room, on top of the TV unit,

Ratty from Ikea in Richmond and Chipmunk from Port Angeles in Washington State

enjoy a long and toothy kiss.

It’s been about one-and-a-half years now, and they still really like each other.

turtle kiss

Under the window in my studio, two tiny turtles sweetly kiss.

One Christmas, almost every cracker contained one of these, and I collected them all at the end of the day.

The rest of them are asleep in a box.turtle embrace

Back in the garden, two much bigger turtles embrace among the alyssum.

They’re not kissing, but you know they will, the minute you turn away.

I fell in love with this loving pair in a garden shop in town, and went back for them equipped with a granny trolley,

so that I could carry them for blocks without injuring myself.

In spring, the flowers around them grow so tall, they virtually disappear.

They probably kiss unseen all day in the spring!

Last of all, not a photo but a poem-

A Fig For Kisses

Packed with blind unfinished flowers

Bruised purple on the outside

Thickened and plump with promises

Figs invite invasion by my teeth and tongue.

Then with lips fig sappy sticky

I kiss you ah so sweet and tender

As the insides of the fig were sweet and tender

As your naked soul is sweet and tender

Though hidden in your bruised skin.