Weekly Photography Challenge: Lines

The week is almost over, but here are my lines…

Straight lines in bricks and graph paper, curvy lines in some sort of succulent – growing in the incredible Cactus Country at Strathmerton in Victoria, Australia. If you are ever any where near there, make a bee-line for the garden and cafe, and make sure you order a slice of cactus cake with your coffee!

Creativity: Making Mobiles

And now for something completely different (from the altered book I’ve been posting about for weeks).

Inspired by some odd earrings collected from the oppy (thrift store) where I volunteer one day a week, I made a mobile, dangling the earrings from pieces of florist wire.IMG_5483

Then I made another using bits and pieces from the collection on my work table – and another.IMG_5482

Then I made another one with some old earrings and an Indian bell that had belonged to my late sister, adding in a few beads and extra pieces.IMG_5484

I haven’t managed to get very good pictures (yet) as it’s a very dull day and mobiles move…However, I think these give some idea. They are all hanging together from an Ikea candelabra until I have a better idea of where to put them.


I’ve used florist’s wire and some copper wire from electric wiring (picked up of the ground somewhere!) plus some of the thinner copper wire I collected from a broken TV on the roadside in Scarborough Beach WA years ago. I’ve chosen beads that fit the colours of the main pieces, and also used a couple of buttons.



Believe it or not, those big metal blade-y things are a pair of earrings, never worn. The crystal heart dangling on a chain behind it swings freely on it’s wire and hits the metal piece with a pleasing tinkle.IMG_5490

Most pieces I’ve simply linked together with loops of wire, but I also used a few jump rings, which allow freer movement. The triangular earring came in a tangled box of assorted costume jewelry, all of it genuine vintage 80’s gorgeousness.



Honestly, would you wear that? What happens when the wind blows!


Weekly Photo Challenge : Home

I’m running late with this post, thanks to having to go to work followed by thunder storms that make using the computer inadvisable. Hopefully I can finish before today’s storms arrive!

The theme is ‘Home’, what that might mean to different people.My Old Home

I didn’t take this photo!

This is the home my young parents took me to when I was born, and we lived in it for more than four years, moving into the ‘proper’ house Dad built with his father just before my second brother was born.

It had a kitchen-come-living room and one bedroom, plus a laundry with a shower in one corner, and a small veranda  That tiny building you can see in the background holds the pan toilet. I can remember helping to tear newspaper into squares, to be hung on a nail close-handy to the broad wooden seat. When the ‘pan’ was sufficiently full, Dad took it into our bush block for burial.

Ah, the good old days!

We could have all three, she said.

I imagined this wonderful home in a tree, and I took a photo of the painting.

My favourite fantasy home is a cabin-in-the-woods, among pine trees and down by the coast, in view of the sea.

Such places exist, between Aberdeen and Ocean Shores in Washington State. I saw them from the bus, but I have no photos to prove it. Next time!Aberdeen Mansion

So here’s Aberdeen Mansion instead, built by a man who made his fortune by cutting down trees and sawing them up for houses and boxes.

Maybe someone has bought it by now. It wasn’t me.home/studio

Here’s a bit of home – my studio, or one shelf and the things on it. This is a place where I feel at home and enjoy myself!

cup of earrings

Making a few pairs of earrings feels like coming home.

Tix 1Live music also feels like coming homeTix 2

A good movie can feel like home, too. And any song of Leonard Cohen’s is a homecoming…book page

I made an altered book, and filled it with quotes and notes-to-self about creativity. It could just as well have said ‘home‘ as ‘workspace’.

Home is where the heART is!

And it has an inside toilet that flushes… just sayin’…