Mt Hood Daffodils – and Mt Hood

I planted a White Garden over thirty years ago, inspired by the famous one at Sissinghurst castle in England. Over the years, the “White” has become less disciplined, but the Mt Hood daffodils have survived, multiplied and continue to bloom.

In August 2011, we spent a few days in Portland, Oregon, enjoying the views of the actual Mount Hood. When we got home again in early September, my ghostly white daffodils had excelled themselves, and were the first thing I saw as we pulled in to our driveway.

They have flowered well again this year. The trumpet is a soft lemon when they first open, but over a week or two, they fade to snowy white – just like their namesake.


Weekly Photography Challenge: Mirror

We’ve got a chance for some reflection this week, with the Photography Challenge theme of “mirror”. I  have quite a few mirrors in my house – not because I am particularly fond of looking at myself, but because they bounce light around and make our small rooms seem bigger and lighter.I recently gathered five old ones to hang gallery-style above the mantelpiece in our tiny lounge room. This is “before”.. . while I was planning how to rearrange them all. My torso is visible reflected in one in the left-hand pic, while Morgen can be seen in the oval mirror sitting on the hearth.

In the redecorated room, fashionably pink, an old mirrored wardrobe door hangs on a wall – Juniper and her Tablet are reflected in it. I bought the lovely scented daffodils last Friday – the shop door was shut, but the bucket of flowers was outside…so I stuffed a quick note and the $6 under the door, and chose these beauties. They are a mirror of spring.


Weekly Photography Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

This week’s Photography Challenge is to “look down, and document the world beneath your feet.” Every Monday I go for a walk with an older friend – twice around the oval – and, after an extra chat, I keep on my way to the local Post Office to pick up my mail. Today I took my camera along and documented some of the things I saw on the ground.

The iron-bark trees at the oval are surrounded by twigs of their blossom snipped off by cockatoos, which are keen practitioners of “tip pruning”. We’ve had rain along with sunshine, so there are puddles as well as daffodils, and lots of bright green moss. On less disturbed ground near the creek, a few native plants, such as these Sun-dews, continue to flourish. I passed the owl I found dead two weeks ago, and the footprints of a macropod (kangaroo) down by the creek. We’ve had rain, but not enough for water to run – I didn’t need my gumboots on to cross it, unfortunately. Back home, there is a tiny, mossy stream-bed – which rises from a down-pipe at the back of the house.

Click on any image for a better look!