Weekly Photography Challenge:Glow

Things that glow are enticing subjects for photographers – it’s a challenge to capture the effect of light, and of course we want to preserve it for posterity, or at least be able to say “Look at that!”.

Early morning and late afternoon are best for that certain slant of light, but artificial light can be rewarding too, as in the two pics here of glass vessels back-lit and seen through frosted glass.

With the red Sparaxis – an old variety given to my mother  at least 50 years ago – the glow is all about the colour and texture in the petals, whereas the Mt Hood daffodil glows because the sun is shining through it’s crystalline whiteness.

The spectrum from a crystal in a window is glowing more than usual, because the textile is quite bright to start with. Look at that!

Daily Prompt: Identity

Identity can be very changeable. I know I’ve written some other ‘self descriptive’ poems that would paint a different picture to this non-too serious assessment of my personality according to the (somewhat doubtful) science of Astrology. Like many pieces that are dashed off quickly, it may be rather more revealing than intended!

About Myself
(according to the stars!)

At the moment I was born
Mars was, it seems, in Capricorn,,
And this explains, at least to some,
My sense that “Duty must be done.”
They say my soulmate’s a conservative prat
But I’d rather love an emotional slob (like me).
My ‘Moon in Sagittarius’
Means something more inspiring –
An interest in the mysterious,
The inner journey and the spring
Of passionate pursuit of Truth
And Life and Death and Everything.
‘Venus in Aries’, apparently,
Makes sex a carefree romp for me,
Boyish, no-nonsense (Oh I wish!)
So don’t be  wimp, Sweets,
Jest gimme a kiss!
On the other hand, my ‘Pisces Sun’,
Watery, mutable, feminine
Colours the rest with moody dreams
And since I arrived with days first beams
(I think) Pisces is my ascendant sign, too,
So I’m soulful and fishy with an extra serve.
Kindness, compassion, empathy,
Peace and Love and Poetry,
Transcendent,  despondent in equal measure,
Living with me is a special pleasure!Mt Hood daffodil