Friday Poem: Sweetie

I guess this saccharine ode to a sweetheart is an appropriate follow up to last weeks poem about an old fellow’s love affair with cakes and slices…maybe a bit too much sugar, but totally worth it!sweet things

Hey sugar-face freckles
Your hair in the sunshine is like cotton candy
And your skin smells like
Burnt sugar and ripe peaches,
Peaches and cream in your cheeks.
Oh cup-cake, I could eat you up
Right now,
My honey sweetheart sugar-pie;
Cross my heart and hope to die:

Pass me that lemon –
My blood sugar is too high.sweet

The sweet cup-cakey image at the top is from an afternoon tea at Ararat Regional Art Gallery last year.  The second is a mismatched cup and saucer from my collection. Odd pieces are easier to find than pairs, and it’s fun to find which ones ‘belong’ together. Finally, a rose, because a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, as Romeo remarked. I’m sure if he knew of cotton-candy, he would have compared it to Juliette’s hair!sweet rose

1 Day 1 World: 2pm – 3pm

My third contribution to Lisa’s 1 Day 1 World Project – I was at the Ararat Regional Art Gallery again today, as we were celebrating the Makers Market exhibition with sparkling wine, cupcakes and strawberries. We had a slightly chaotic time getting it all ready, but it all looked beautiful by 2 o’clock, when the guests began to arrive.2pm

Three of the Gallery’s volunteers have a cabinet each to show our wares – Jiah (Elephant and Rose), me (Sukie’s Original) and Jade (Zooblast Knits), plus staff member Deb, with beautiful felted wraps (don’t think about the polyester stuff used in kids craft – this is something else entirely!) I forgot to count, but we had a good turn out and lots of admiration for our work. By 2.45, the table full of goodies was nearly empty and it was time to wash up and restore order. 2.45pm