Creativity: Playing With (Virtual) Paint.

I have a pretty white tissue paper (Christmas) decoration hanging in my study window, and today I took a quick photo of it. IMG_6307 (Large)It seemed like a good idea to edit it in paint.NET to make it coloured – what if? And how?

pink (Large)

Adjusting hue and saturation produced pale pink. Nice – so I saved it, and went back to “hue and saturation”, without changing the settings from the first shot. I did that another six times – saving the new colour combo, and making another at the click of a button. I only wish I’d numbered them so I’d know what order they came in.

That was not what I would have expected to happen, they got brighter/more intense as they went along, and the shadows seem to be the “contrast” colour for the main one. Interesting! It’s a bit like a 60’s psychedelic music poster, and definitely something to play with some more!

Weekly Photography Challenge : Monochromatic(ish)

For someone who enjoys colour and plenty of it, this week’s Photography Challenge to produce monochromatic images is challenging indeed. I went out into the garden, which is mostly green just now, and did my best with a tricky assignment!

“Monochrome” is often translated to “black and white”, but really it’s “one colour”, and I’ve gone with that. Mostly. There is a solitary orange Sparaxia flower amonsgt all the green in one pic – in a month or two, that colour balance will reverse as dozens of flowers open in the sunshine and obliterate all the green. I took a couple more pictures inside as well as hunting out the metal bobbins and cutlery from the back catalogue. I love the subtle almost-colour of the tarnished old silverware – I bought a boxful for a mere $5, just for that colour/not colour…

Daily Prompt: Colours

spectrumI love colours – all of them, from red to violet, and all the shades and tones in between, with the possible exception of puce. I have crystals, prismatic pretties, hung in every sunny window, for the pleasure of having rainbow shards scattered around the house. Often when this happens, I pick up a camera, as in any “Oh! look at that!” spectrumI  may have posted this poem before, but it fits, so here it is –


The faceted plastic crystal heart
Hung in the window by a thread
Captures the brilliance of the sun
Within itself
And splitting the light into its parts
Casts them indiscriminately around the room.

So may we, though hanging tenuously,
Enclose and scatter around us
Peace and love and empathy,
The spectrum of the light of God.

Weekly Photography Challenge: The Hue of Me

 The Hue of Me is pink’n’orange…

Some people may think that that is two colours, but they are wrong!

I have a folder devoted to photos of pink’n’orange, and used them to illustrate/embellish a book I did last year of my “Christmas Card poems”. Here is a sample…