Weekly Photography Challenge:Variations

This week we are challenged to show variations on a theme , patterns, repetitions… I have a collection of old cutlery, and I do  get it out to use sometimes. I love the patina of the well used silver (well, EPNS…), and I prefer the old bone-handled knives with their Sheffield steel blades to modern ones.

I have been picking up washers where ever I see them for years. Although they are basically the same, they’re all different. Smaller ones get incorporated in junk jewellery, large ones in mixed-media art work.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Creepy

And now for something completely different in the Weekly Photography Challenge – Creepy!  My first thought was arachnids, or other invertebrates, but I decided to go to my dollies instead…The rolly chiming dog is especially creepy to me because I know that inside the charming baby toy is a bundle of lethal-looking metal spikes. My sister had a similar one – 50 odd years ago – and I’ll never forget the horror revealed when it broke open.


I have a friend who has a large collection of dolls, and all of them are pretty ladies (or girls) in frilly, lacy dresses, usually with added flowers. I prefer the odd ones myself – a bit ugly, or they’ve seen better days, or are kind of creepy.IMG_5590

Creepy baby,Steiner (the name derived from Frankenstein…), came to live with me because his previous family’s make-up job would have consigned him to the bin if I hadn’t rescued the poor little chap. I thought his unfortunate looks would have creeped-out my little grand daughter when she visited, but she loved him just as he is.

Her Dad, however, was keen to leave him here…

Weekly Photography Challenge: Endurance

Another challenge with vast possibilities! It had been in the back of my mind since reading the email, and all I was thinking was Endurance! so many options!

There’s a tray of buttons on my desk, some of them very old. They have endured for a long time, holding things together for someone, before being cut off and saved. They ended up in the op shop/thrift store where I volunteer, so of course they then ended up in my house… buttons 4 Some of them are tough, hard wearing ordinary plastic, some metal and some pearl shell, and a handful of  really lovely and very old glass ones.


I have a large stash of buttons now, as I use them on things I make – cushion covers, small purses, cuffs – and sometimes it takes a long time to find just the right button. Finding the right button is an act of endurance in itself, entailing a careful search through jars, tubes and trays for the one that is perfect…How wonderful are those deer buttons? They seem to be made from cut glass, and they’ll need a very special project to embellish.