Friday Poem:Hope Springs

alexander in winter

When we moved here over thirty years ago, it rained so much that we would joke about the aptness of the town’s name (Moyston, geddit?). Since then the area of reliable rainfall has slipped slowly to the South, and cropping is no longer the reliable source of income a farmer would like it to be. Last year there was some winter rain followed by a very dry spring and summer, and crops that were ankle high…This year…well, we are hoping.wet weeds

Oh listen to that rain!
Rain all day, all night,
And farmers out all night
Ploughing and seeding and hoping,
Hoping that this time….
This year more rain,
Crops knee high, thigh high
Brimming and full of grain.
Maybe this year will be
A worthwhile harvest.wet succulent

Here are some rainy garden photos – taken after, not during. I hate cold water on the back of my neck…The middle one shows an impressive lot of seedlings – about half of which are nettles. Luckily my late German friend Regina taught me to appreciate them as food!

Weekly Photography Challenge: Warmth II

Further to yesterday’s post – not only did the temperature reach 40C, but a grassfire started somewhere north of town, a traveled rapidly in the heat and windy conditions. We spent several anxious hours on watch for embers, but luckily for us, we mainly saw helicopters and planes that were fighting the fire along with the ground crews. ‘Warmth’ indeed.

In the third photo, you can see a column of smoke (which we later found out was from burning tyres on someones property), and one of the helicopters on it’s way to fetch more water.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Layers

I had a busy day today, attending the Perth National Day of Climate Action ¬†with a goodly crowd of other people, many of whom wore “heat wave’ colours as suggested by the organisers. The many rallies around the country were called to convey to our government the grave concerns many people have about the increasing effects of climate change (major bushfires in NSW in October, massive cyclone in the Pacific last week). I’m taking time to make a post for the Weekly Photography Challenge: Layers

Climate Action, Perth


See all those layers and layers of people? Families, Socialists, Get-Up members, Greens, old blokes, women-of-a-certain-age wearing Indian clothing and determined expressions all piled into the park to stand up and be counted as people who are aware of just how many planets we have to live on…

On my way to the gathering in the park, I stopped a moment to take a couple of photos of fine old buildings reflected in the windows of a funky new one – more layers.

In the interest of making a post every day this month, I’ll find some more ‘layers’ in a day or two.