Weekly Photography Challenge: Ooops

Oops is right – somehow it got to be Friday without me making any post! This week’s (almost last week’s) photography challenge is to share photos of something that went horribly wrong. That’s not really something you can set up, because that would be cheating, and not Ooops at all…so I’ve been trying to think of some disaster that I actually took photos of. Not many…there’s the aftermath of the possum in the pantry…but I couldn’t find the photo. Here’s what happened when a curious bird wandered into the house. We keep the cat in, but don’t always succeed in keeping the birds out.


Less of a disaster (nothing died…), my one attempt to date at choux pastry forgot to “puff” when I baked it. Oh well, icing and lollies fixed it!

Not really a disaster, some of the photos I took of my son’s burning Guy earlier this year turned out to be inadvertently disturbing.

The full figure is obviously not human, with it’s tiny dragon head – however the close-up of Alex’s old shoe being licked by flames doesn’t include any clue to what is actually happening…ooops.