weekly Photography Challenge: Chaotic/Magic

I’ve been away from home and with limited internet access (horrors!) for most of the week, because I was at my Mum’s place making a start on the magic art of shed clearing. My dad stashed a lot of things out of sight and mind, some I guess because they might be useful, some I really don’t know why…The photography challenge for this week is Magic – and not only is clutter clearing “magic”, there is a kind of magic in coming across forgotten,and rotting, mementos of my parent’s life together.

The contents of the shed were incredibly chaotic, layers of junk and buried treasure accumulated over years and years – dusty jars, juice bottles, tyres, rusty nails, bolts, screws, unwanted furniture and carpet (2 lots pulled up 25 years ago – Mum didn’t know they were there!), pieces of timber, large and small, 2 old decrepit Mercedes cars, used as storage containers….and so forth.

My youngest son and I put on gloves and sorted, chucked the real rubbish in the skip and salvaged whatever was usable or interesting. It isn’t finished yet, but we made a good start on it, and we only brought home a boot full…including Dad’s moth eaten suit.