Creativity: Art away from Home IV

Only another day or so before I get up bright and early and catch the bus to Albury, the train to Melbourne, another train to Ararat, to arrive back home 12 or 13 hours after leaving Canberra.

In the meantime, I’ve carved out a little space in my daughter’s new craftroom, IMG_6243 (Large)which is doing double duty as place-to-put-things-for-now room.

IMG_6244 (Large)

It does have built in storage – hurrah!- and I’ve unpacked some boxes of Zoe’s craft supplies and stacked it away. At least it LOOKS organised, even though Zoe doesn’t actually know where anything is yet! It’s amazing how possessions seem to expand as they emerge from boxes.Where was all this stuff before the move? I’m sure there was less…

IMG_6245 (Large)

Mostly I’ve been watching Juniper play and adapt to her new home, but I have had a little play with Inktense pencils and watercolour on paper which I wet/stained with the remains of my chai tea.IMG_6247 (Large)

First I scribbled in a flowery shape. The paper was still quite wet with tea, so the ink spread around to some extent.

IMG_6248 (Large)

That seemed wishy-washy,so I added watercolour in a similar pink, and then used a dark blue too give some definition. It’s certainly not my greatest work, not remotely considered, but a good exercise in “what if” – something that little kids do continually until we adults constrain them with rules about the “proper” way to do things!

I find the brush pen with it’s reservoir of water and the portable packs of watercolours are great for travel, or even to have handy at home for quick, small pieces. They are quite modestly priced, too, happily.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Intricate

The new photography theme for this week is “Intricate” – an old Reader’s Digest Wordfinder tells me that the word means complicated, complex, sophisticated, involved, difficult to understand, and, informally, tricky, knotty and full of detail or difficulties, entangled; devious. I don’t think I’ve got anything devious here…

The spider web on the clothes peg is complicated etc, as is the vintage lace under the beautiful old pearly buttons on the brooch I made. I would hope that my earrings are sophisticated, but I prefer it if they aren’t entangled!

I made myself a nice afternoon tea on a tray – more involved than a tea-bag and a biscuit -Why not?, as my mug reminds me. I love the intricate floral patterns of the vintage tray and saucer, and the fact that the colours in the shiny new mug match the quite old napkin. I nearly always have a cup of chai tea of an afternoon – at chai o’clock – but I don’t often go to so much trouble. I think it all tastes better when I do, though!

1 Day 1 World Project: 3 -4 pm

If I’m at home and not too busy, every day somewhere between 3 and 4 pm it is “Chai O’clock” for me. If I’m in a hurry I just use a tea bag (one of three or four varieties – can’t have too many!), but today I made my chai properly, in a saucepan on the stove.3 - 4 1

The saucepan belonged to my Grandma. She gave it to my kids to play with, but I requisitioned it, because it was a perfectly good double-boiler! The lid came later, from an op shop/thrift store. I bought it thinking I could re-use the bakelite knob, only to find it was irrevocably attached to the lid, and the lid was a perfect fit for Granny’s old pot. Win!3 - 4 2

Loose chai  – dried fermented tea leaves and a variety of whole spices simmer in the pot, wafting delicious aromas into the air. Just add milk and a smidgen of sugar…3 - 4 3

When I use a tea bag, I use a mug, but a pretty vintage cup makes everything taste even better! The cup doesn’t actually match the saucer, but they get along fine anyway.

3 - 4 4


I had to add this last shot so you can see how very pretty the saucer is! Chai O’clock – the best hour of the day…don’t you think?