Creativity: Escape XXV

Here are a couple more pages from my altered book “Escape”.Escape V For years I have cut out and saved horoscopes from newspapers and magazines if something in them particularly appealed to me. This page has three which kind of relate to each other – with the parts that didn’t apply redacted with scissors. I especially like the notion that time is precious and therefore should be “wasted” on daydreaming! Most of the page is masked with a big yellow sticker, with lots of doodles filling in the margins.

Escape VI


The following page has a page torn from an art magazine – the featured work is of Maldon, an historic old mining town near my birthplace, Castlemaine. The quaint old buildings have been protected, so it is a popular tourist destination, with art galleries and interesting shops (including my sister-in-law’s Teddy and Me). For once I kept the name of the artist for future reference! I also preserved the words “happy”, happiness” and “Oh, yes” from the original text. The leading edge is bound with a strip of adhesive copper tape. It is sold under the name “Slugga”, and is intended for use in the garden, for deterring slugs. However, it is useful and pretty in an art context as well!Escape VII

Lastly for this week, a detail of the stamp near the bottom of the page. It came as part of a set of vintage-style travel themed stamps. The smudges of watercolour look much more interesting in close-up. It also reveals the texture of the old book paper.

More next week!

Weekly Photography Challenge: Door

We had a weekend away from home, and having read before I left that this week’s Photography Challenge theme is “Door”, I made sure and took photos of some along the way.


My historic doors are brand new compared with Mike Hardisty’s, but in Australia, they are quite old! The first pic is of the tiny Savings bank in Avoca, followed by our whole family in the doorway of Cactus Country at Strathmerton. Then there are the door of the water tower and an old pub in Nathalia, plus the door of our room for the night. All 11 of us stayed at the motel – it was for our eldest’s 40th birthday. He’s been a fan of cacti since visiting a display garden with his Grandpa when he was 11. The next three are in Castlemaine – the venerable looking door of my brother’s passion project, Tonk’s Bros Second-Hand Centre, and the Mechanic’s Institute in Barkly Street. Last but not least, the driver’s side door – complete with mechanical ‘indicator’, of my Dad’s old Commer truck, which is quietly rusting away in their back yard.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Between

Something in the middle, a transition, something in between…what photo can I take or find to meet this challenge?! It’s cold and rainy today, not conducive to photography, so I’ve been browsing through the back-catalogue. I found a photo of rain…with a car windscreen between me and it.rain

We were on our way to Castlemaine to visit my parents. By the time we got there, we had left the rain behind and the sun was shining. I took the camera out for a stroll around my long-ago backyard. A lot is the same, a lot is different. the years between have done their work. When I was a child the Blitz crane was a working vehicle, but not any more…here is what lies between the doors (except that one is missing….)blitz cab

The same is true for the old Commer truck. I spent many hours of my childhood, sitting between Mum and Dad in that cab . No-one but the spiders sit in there now.

commer 2

It is a part of family folklore that Dad, as a very young man, gave the girl who would become my mother a ride home from “the dance” in  the Blitz, and, a year or two later, when I was ready to be born, he drove Mum to the hospital in the truck! Maybe that’s why they are still there…

Weekly Photography Challenge: Nostalgic

I can be nostalgic over so many things, and I may yet do another post , but we’ve had a few fine, cold, frosty mornings lately, which bring back fond, nostalgic childhood memories. Castlemaine was a good place for frosts, and I loved to go out in search of frozen puddles to crack, and crunchy white grass to skid across. Now these things are a chilly photo opportunity!

Daily Prompt : Into the Headlines (My Weekend)

Last weekend, I went to Castlemaine to visit my parents and their two cats – both of which (whom?) originated with my daughters. After our visit, we popped in to the Castlemaine Regional Art Gallery to see the Rick Amor show, and old favourites from when I was a kid. And to salivate over their ceramics collection. The sun was well on the way to setting when we left, casting a golden glow over the old gold town. I took a series of photos from the car as we drove across the Moolort Plain between Newstead and Carrisbrook. Monday, (it was a long weekend in Victoria), I had a blessed day at home alone…