Daily Prompt: Indulgent

Beautiful roseI liked the idea of ‘the best day ever’ as a prompt, and immediately started thinking about what personal indulgences I could find photos of. I like to have fresh flowers around the house, preferably picked in my garden, tasty, beany food, and a long hot soak in the bath, with musical accompaniment. ¬†However, “worst day ever”, it has taken half a day for my internet to work properly and upload the photos…Bean tortilla stackUnfortunately I don’t have a tortilla stack handy to console myself with today, but a candle-lit, incense-scented bath might restore the balance! After I’ve watched Dr Who.bath night


Friday Poem: Light

Light seems like a suitable topic for a poem in the lead up to Christmas, what with all the associations with candles, stars, lanterns, the Light of the World…spectrum

A spectrum
brittle in the window glass
sharp sun
blazes on walls
bright hot
burns clear
illumines with
a rainbow shaft
the universe’s simple magic
bright broken streaks
of light
a crystal spilled.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Lights

Although the Southern hemisphere isn’t entering into wintry darkness, we are still hurtling towards Christmas, (and wondering how it is that they come closer together every year. Maybe it’s the Christmas merch appearing in shops as early as September…)

Friends with little kids already have their trees up and twinkling. I’ve thought about it, but haven’t done anything serious yet. Christmas or not, I love lights and shiny things, so this weeks challenge finds plenty to choose from in my folders! Here’s a sample. I’ll post some more when I track them down.

Friday Poem: Candle Song

candlelightThe flame dances frantically
Then grows still
I don’t know why
When the flame flickers
The shadows shudder
And quiver over the ceiling
And the walls

And I know everything
And still know nothing
Questions too big to unfold
Too complicated
Have simple answers
As though a huge exotic bouquet
Was answered by a daisy

And so it is
The meaning of the bouquet
Is a daisy
The meaning of the candle
Is its light
The meaning of my infinite
Measureless boundless unquantifiable
Unproven soul
Is simply love
And that is everything

There is a mountain
I have climbed within me
And on the summit
Burns a candle bright
Unwavering light
That shines in me.Apple girl and blossom