Weekly Photography Challenge: Intricate

The new photography theme for this week is “Intricate” – an old Reader’s Digest Wordfinder tells me that the word means complicated, complex, sophisticated, involved, difficult to understand, and, informally, tricky, knotty and full of detail or difficulties, entangled; devious. I don’t think I’ve got anything devious here…

The spider web on the clothes peg is complicated etc, as is the vintage lace under the beautiful old pearly buttons on the brooch I made. I would hope that my earrings are sophisticated, but I prefer it if they aren’t entangled!

I made myself a nice afternoon tea on a tray – more involved than a tea-bag and a biscuit -Why not?, as my mug reminds me. I love the intricate floral patterns of the vintage tray and saucer, and the fact that the colours in the shiny new mug match the quite old napkin. I nearly always have a cup of chai tea of an afternoon – at chai o’clock – but I don’t often go to so much trouble. I think it all tastes better when I do, though!

Weekly Photography Challenge: Endurance

Another challenge with vast possibilities! It had been in the back of my mind since reading the email, and all I was thinking was Endurance! so many options!

There’s a tray of buttons on my desk, some of them very old. They have endured for a long time, holding things together for someone, before being cut off and saved. They ended up in the op shop/thrift store where I volunteer, so of course they then ended up in my house… buttons 4 Some of them are tough, hard wearing ordinary plastic, some metal and some pearl shell, and a handful of  really lovely and very old glass ones.


I have a large stash of buttons now, as I use them on things I make – cushion covers, small purses, cuffs – and sometimes it takes a long time to find just the right button. Finding the right button is an act of endurance in itself, entailing a careful search through jars, tubes and trays for the one that is perfect…How wonderful are those deer buttons? They seem to be made from cut glass, and they’ll need a very special project to embellish.